Bitching Tuesday

Hey Guys,

so my website was going through a boatload of technical difficulties yesterday. And that was probably a good thing because it probably kept me from writing the biggest of bitching-posts ever after the third link in a row that I submitted to r/television vanished and basically came back with the remark “no duplicate stories”. And my I submitted them first (at least 2/3 of them) but apparently, it´s ok for someone else to submit duplicate content as long it´s not me and his post get´s more upvotes than mine.
Aha, well, can´t say I really understood that rule about duplicate content not being ok if I post it but at the same time being totally ok as long as it gets more upvotes than the original post but I will respect it because you can´t really argue with a mod because they can basically do what they want and I am either left with the option to not submit anything to that sub Reddit anymore (and I love Reddit and I won´t miss out on this great community because I have conflicting opinions.). As long as those rules are the same for everyone, I am totally fine with it and won´t whine like a little bitch. So yeah, I will keep on submitting content to r/television and see how it goes. The last three or four posts did all end up being removed though at least three of them were actually totally legit and no duplicate stories. Last one yesterday evening was a link to the rolling stone website that featured an article about the WALKING DEAD Spinn-Off series and I give their mods that this one was in fact posted before. So yeah, maybe it was a good thing I couldn’t access my website yesterday evening or I would have been in danger to post the whiniest crap ever.
So yeah, I was totally unhappy because the performance of my website yesterday evening. Most of the time the Hosting and the customer service is great. But yesterday, it was like the server of my website would stand on mars. So I contacted the technical support dudes and do you know this message when you are in the chat, and it´s something like “PLEASE WAIT, YOU ARE TRANSFERRED TO THE NEXT FREE CUSTOMER SERVICE DUDE IN ONE MINUTE”. And I got that message like ten times and for like ten minutes or so. No Idea if it was really ten minutes, but it felt like an eternity and when he finally arrived I just wrote and wrote and wrote. It was literally writing my life story and then, it was silence. Like, in the middle of the desert. And then, for like 5 minutes or so, he wouldn’t reply at all. And when he finally replied, I kicked myself out of the chat. I was like AAAAAAARRRRRRG. Like, the raging Bull throwing the laptop around but getting scared of breaking it and catching mid-air again and shit.

So yeah, I finally managed to submit a ticket right before I went to bed and now that I am back, it seems like the issue is resolved. So thanks to the customer service agent who solved this Issue. It worked. Good thing that day was over now.

Now I´ll head over to Twitter to tweet about the interesting articles from the past 10 hours. If you don´t know my twitter yet, you can find me @godoffilm! See ya later!