Blomkamp´s untitled ALIEN Project: ALIENS 2?

A couple of months before, writer and director Neill Blomkamp posted a whole lot of ALIEN concept art on his Instagram Account. Back then, it seemed like the project was dropped and he wanted to share the great artwork with his fans. Now, a few weeks have passed and it seems like Blomkamp´s move was exactly the right thing to do because FOX announced that he will get his ALIEN project now after all. Blomkamp, who is known for the instant classic DISTRICT 9 and the newly released CHAPPIE is a man with Vision and his concept arts have probably caused quite a stir at FOX. Shortly after he posted them on Instagram, social media picked the story up and lead to the whole thing blowing up, what probably convinced FOX that they just have to make this movie.

Right now, Ridley Scott is working on the pre-production of his Sequel for PROMETHEUS and it´s really interesting that they have two ALIEN movies in the making right now. Both are produced by Ridley Scott´s company “Scott Free” and I suppose that this “competition” might lead to both directors giving their very best to top the bill and make THE Alien sequel. After the mediocre box-office result of PROMETHEUS (it barely broke even and it´s actually very likely that it was a loss for FOX), it´s actually surprising to me that FOX didn´t drop Scott´s project completely, but maybe they didn’t want to piss him off, because he´s still one of the best directors that are around. Ridley Scott´s PROMETHEUS 2 is set to be released in 3/4/2016 and Blomkamp´s untitled ALIEN Sequel is in Pre-production right now and will probably hit the theaters one year later in 2017. That gives Ridley Scott´s production company enough time to produce both of em in a timely manner. From what I heard about PROMETHEUS 2, it will not have any Xenomorph´s in it and my personal guess is that FOX felt like the fan base would not enjoy spending another year without getting a real ALIEN Sequel. So yeah, that´s basically the situation that led to Blomkamp getting his ALIEN Sequel.

Now Blomkamp´s artwork was awesome. Simply awesome. What we can already tell from his drawing, Blomkamp´s movie will ignore ALIEN 3 and ALIEN:RESSURECTION and start right after the end of ALIENS. Now, isn´t that some frigging great news? Think about the countless possibilities this interesting starting situation creates for having a couple more movies in the style of James Cameron´s ALIENS. Because to me, his movie was the last beacon of light in a series of very mediocre movies and what would be better than ignoring the fact that David Fincher´s ALIEN 3 killed off some of the most interesting Characters directly at the beginning. I am seeing a movie, maybe called ALIENS 2 starring Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen and Newt. To me, this sounds like great fun and I would totally enjoy it if they just try to match the style that ALIENS had and re-invent the series, you know? In a similar way like Chris Nolan´s BATMAN movies reanimated the BATMAN franchise after the disastrous BATMAN AND ROBIN. Personally, I really liked David Fincher´s ALIEN3 but I also felt like the movie made many mistakes, such as killing most of the loveable characters very early on. I think I should add that David Fincher didn´t have complete control over his ALIEN movie and I neither blame him for his ALIEN movie nor Jean-Pierre Jeunet for ALIEN:RESSURECTION because I kinda enjoyed them both in a way, but I feel like it would open countless doors for this story to develop if Blomkamp just left out everything after ALIENS. You know, I don´t think a director has to consider every official sequel as canon because there are situation when you just have to ignore something that another director envisioned and try something entirely new.


Now, why do I think that this ALIEN movie is going to be any better than the mediocre stuff like ALIEN 3, ALIEN:RESSURECTION and ALIEN VS PREDATOR? Well, I actually don´t but I feel like FOX learned a lot about them crash&burning their best franchises like they did at the time when those movies came out. FOX actually blew a lot of potentially great franchises during that period of time and I am pretty sure that they have learned their lesson about not trying to make a quick buck with some half-assed sequels. The fact that they actually chose Blomkamp as the director is a good indicator that they are looking for a man with a clear vision and are definitely willing to step back and leave Blomkamp the creative control of his project. Just compare Tim Burton´s terrible PLANET OF THE APES to their newest approaches to capitalizing of this franchise, RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES and DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, which both are actually quite good. Long story short, I guess someone at FOX took the losses of the past to heart and we, the viewers, are the big winners because we might finally end up with a kick ass ALIENS sequel.

So yeah, let´s talk about what we can see in Blomkamp´s concept art. Copyright: Neill Blomkamp and Instragram:

One shows a new type of facehugger that looks more like a snail with arms that can potentially crawl inside the host and “grab” its head and potentially control it.

Another one shows Ripley, wearing a space jockey suit with a helmet that looks like a Xenomorph´s head.

This pic shows Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn reprising their roles from ALIENS:

This here shows an ALIEN QUEEN

Check out the other Pics on Neill Blomkamp´s INSTAGRAM Account: