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Review: OUTPOST 37 aka ALIEN OUTPOST (2015)

Review: OUTPOST 37 aka ALIEN OUTPOST (2015) Alright, let´s make a


Review: THE PHOENIX PROJECT (2015) A group of Scientists performs experiments

Review: SIGNS (2002)

Review: SIGNS (2002) Ok, it´s Time to talk about one of

Review: THE DEVICE (2014)

What is it with these bad Science Fiction Movies recently? THE


Review: EXTRATERRESTRIAL (2014) A few Friends want to spend the Weekend

Review – Bermuda Tentacles

Review – Bermuda Tentacles Hi Guys! Thanks for checking out my

Terminator : Genisys Official Trailer Analysis

Hi Guys, the first Trailer and the Poster for the new

Review: LUCY (2014)

Review: LUCY (2014)  Hi Guys! Vacation is over and i have

Review: Interstellar (2014)

FINALLY! Have been waiting for this Movie like a Star Wars

Review: THE SIGNAL (2014)

Review: THE SIGNAL (2014) Three MIT Students find out that someone