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Deliver us from Evil Review Eric Bana Exorcism

Ok, I admit it. I have a soft Spot for Exorcism Films. Who would have thought that watching THE EXORCIST while being, let´s call it *mildly intoxicated* when I was Teenager would have such great Influence on the pubescent Me. Well, now since watching THE EXORCIST I am generally freaked out whenever there´s some nasty possessed Demon on creeping around in the Movie and DELIVER US FROM EVIL had lots of em.

The Story is not really special, but I´ll go into it a bit because one or two Elements are kind of original. Eric Bana plays a Cop in New York who´s struggling to cope with all the Day to Day Dramas he has to deal with while being on the Streets as a Cop. Because of that, his Marriage is rather problematic, though he tries to keep the negativity out of his family´s Life as well as he can. One night, he and his Partner get called to a Crime Scene where an obviously crazed out Women threw her Baby in the Tiger Cage in the Zoo at night. Besides, she´s like “possessed” and shit and scrapes on the concrete until her Hands bleed. After investigating the case a little bit more thoroughly, they realize she´s not the only “Victim” of this Demon and everyone who got in content with the Women, started behaving strangely too. And it does not take long until the Evil tries to creep into their own Lives too.

Well, yeah, don´t want to spoil too much and I am sure that sums it up pretty good. The Story sounds ok and that´s what it is; OK. It´s nothing special, but if you like Movies about Exorcisms, you will probably like this One too.
The Director Scott Derrickson is not a Newbie in Terms of Horror and Exorcism and was responsible for similar Flicks like SINISTER, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE and HELLRAISER:INFERNO. The Direction was ok, though i felt like this Movie could have been a whole lot better. Especially towards the End, DELIVER US FROM EVIL does not exploit its full potential.

Eric Bana is awesome. I really like him as an Actor and everytime I see him in a Film, i wait for him to turn green and beat the Shit out of something. Unfortunately, THAT didn´t happen here. But he´s ok in his Role as a Cop and some of his Scenes are actually really good. The other Actors, were more like “oh well”.
There´s a Priest who is played by Edgar Ramiréz who started off pretty decent, but the Role got a bit too artificial towards the End for my Taste. It´s ok for the Producers to go for a rather uncommon Type of Priest (you know, like, long hair, good Looking and skin as smooth as a peach) but when my girlfriend suddenly told me she liked him and he Look, the envy came over me and I decided not to like his Performance. 😉 Apart from that, his Part was pretty decent too.

According to the Movie Poster (they never lie), DELIVER US FROM EVIL is based on a true Story, which I will not comment on now. I want to believe. Some of the Scenes are really creepy and the Makeup Effects are pretty good for a Mainstream Movie. But especially towards the Finale, you could have done more with the Material.

DELIVER US FROM EVIL doesn´t really add anything new to the Table but is able to recreate all the Elements in an entertaining Way. The Movie is not overly gory, but a few Scenes can be pretty uncomfortable to watch.  Don´t expect to be scared to death if you don´t have a.) pretty bad nerves or b.) are Exorcist-Traumatized like me.
Overall, DELIVER US FROM EVIL was a pretty decent Attempt to bring new Life into the “Exorcism-Genre” but Finale disappointed me pretty badly in regards to being scary. In the Finale, there was a Visually impressive Exorcism Scene but not nearly as scary as the first half of the Movie.

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