Hi Guys, so there were some really interesting documentaries coming out in 2014/2015 so far!
First one I want to mention is MESSI, which offers a very private view on one of the greatest football stars ever to roam the earth, Lionel Messi! The documentary takes scenes from a dinner conversation between ex-classmates & relatives of Lionel Messi and some readjusted parts of his life and manages to add more emotional depth to the character. Instead of showing more of the player, it gives us a better understanding of Messi´s personal background and it´s definitely a fun watch. However, I was kinda bored from all this personal talk about a person that I know so very little about. I mean, maybe you gotta know more about Messi to fully enjoy this but I just didn’t get to that point. Honestly, I was so bored that I couldnt watch it to the end. Besides, I hate it when they readjust scenes from the person´s life because that takes away some of the authenticity to me. I rather spend two minutes staring at someone’s picture with an off-screen synchronization than watching actors re-interpret Messi´s life. But maybe that´s just me.

The second interesting documentary I watched was THE JINX: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF ROBERT DURST.

The jinx the life and deaths of rober durst review

A really in-depth HBO documentary about the billionaire Robert Durst, the key suspect in a series of unsolved homicides and who will now have to go to trial for it. Well, somehow the guys from that HBO crew managed to record a few mumbled sentences that many people understood as a confession and while I don’t really share their optimism, the whole six-volume show is definitely a fun watch. Very recommendable and absolutely high quality. The show made the news in basically every country and it´s probably one of the hottest docos right now.

Then something more private and emotional: RICH HILL, a documentary about the lives of three teenagers in the small midwestern town, Rich Hill.

Rich hill documentary review

This one was the most fun to watch because some of the people they followed were pretty messed up and in a way, it reminded me of my own messed up childhood. So in way, I could relate to some of the kids in that show and though there were some parts that were a bit slow, it´s definitely a fun watch.

But the best documentary by far was CHAMPS; a very emotional view on the world of heavyweight boxing and some of its champions. Is all about interesting characters like Mike Tyson & Evander Holyfield, but not without adding a whole lot of moral to the story.

Documentary the jinx CHAMPS rich hill


And especially the parts about troubled characters make this a cool doco. Who would have thought that Mike Tyson could ever say something so deep and emotional that I got goosebumps but yeah, the parts with him were the best and I am really happy that he somehow made peace with his life. Haven’t really figured out why they let 50 Cent in the documentary but maybe the producers just didn’t want to hurt his feelings by telling him that he is not a boxer so they just took him in. Well anyway, CHAMPS was a great documentary and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. It doesn’t have the political importance and finesse that THE JINX documentary has but it´s still a great and emotional piece on some true champs of boxing!