Hi Guys,

check out this first pic of BATTLECAT from the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Reboot!

BattlecatThis is the first piece of material after Senior Vice President of Productions for Columbia Pictures tweeted a pic of the script and I am personally looking forward to seeing it. The script was rewritten by Jeff Wadlow(KICKASS 2).

Screenplay Master of the universe

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE always was one of my most favorite toylines and I always wondered why they didnt reboot this in a more adult/R-rated form, similar to the Marvel Superhero movies for example. The franchise has everything that it needs to be a hit and they´d be stupid not to benefit from it.
I actually liked the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie with Dolph Lundgren but compared to what the movie could have been like, it was rather weak.

BATTLECAT looks very cool and I can´t wait seeing more pics of this upcoming movie. The material originated at warner and now moved to SONY/Columbia. This movie still lacks a director and I can only hope that they will find one so this doesnt end up in production limbo. It should have originally been made by GI JOE:RETALIATION director John M.Chu but he exited the project for another franchise.

So yeah, unfortunately this project doesnt have a director yet but screenplay writer Jeff Wadlow has an extensive background as director and could theoretically take over the project. But that´s just speculation and chances are that columbia will try to get another director for it.