Franchise My A**!

What is it with all those movie franchises these days? Like, now we´re at the point where some movie studios aren´t interested to make movies anymore if it isn´t a three volume franchise that offers them the option to cash in more than once. THE HOBBIT, THE HUNGER GAMES, THE MAZE RUNNER, TWILIGHT, and so on. You know, I really don´t mind if a movie studio is interested in making more than one sequels with a source material if it has enough plot and content to assure that the viewers are getting their money´s worth but the nasty habit to split movies in half is one of the greatest insults that a movie studio can do towards their viewers. Take THE HUNGER GAMES for example. CATCHING FIRE was a decent movie and watching it in the cinema was an ok experience. You know, the crowd wasn´t cheering but it was ok. But in MOCKINJAY PART 1, it was like I was taking part in a case study about how far a movie studio can go and still get away with it. I don’t know if it was like that everywhere, but the crowd in the theater that I was in booed. And I can´t blame them because there wasn´t even a decent finale and whoever made the decision to split MOCKINGJAY in two parts should be given a major bollocking. I mean, shouldn´t it be in the interest of a movie studio that  the viewers have positive and enjoyable experience in the theater? I mean, how can you make a movie without a finale and so boring that it hurt my head and then after you fought yourself through this utter bs, end it on a low point? Well, neither do I know the answer to this question nor would I want to, but I felt like people should not accept franchises that don´t offer true value to their fan base anymore.

The same with THE MAZE RUNNER. I kinda liked the movie and all this, though it was basically just a remix of old themes that were already done countless times before, but it was ok. But when I saw this typical open franchise-enabling ending, I was like “Screw this, I won´t bother with this series anymore”. I mean, if you can´t make a great movie with an entertaining ending from of a novel or a screenplay, DON`T EVEN THINK ABOUT MAKING ANOTHER ONE! Don´t try to get a trilogy out of a 90-page novel and crap like that. I know it´s actually pretty silly to write this because the reason all those franchises are made is  simply “money”. And I can´t blame a studio that they want to make the best out of the source material they somehow acquired, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it in a way that gives something back to the people who paid a lot of money for being able to spend their evening in the theater. The whole movie thing in the theater is getting more and more expensive and whenever I have to pay something like 30 bucks for an entertaining evening with my girl, I don’t want be pissed afterwards because the movie was mess. Or even worse, a rip-off!
If the movies are actually great, I LOVE FRANCHISES. How can anyone not like seeing good movies and if I liked one part, chances are I also like the others. Best example is ALIEN. I enjoyed every part of the series, even the bad ones. And I am also looking forward seeing Blomkamp´s ALIEN 5. And though I never was great fan of the HARRY POTTER movies, I definitely acknowledge that the series and all of their parts offer true value to the countless readers, who actually liked those books. I mean, I saw a couple of them on TV and they looked fun if you like this kind of family entertainment. So yeah, if it´s a great movie, I don´t mind watching three or even four parts. I loved Peter Jackson´s THE LORD OF THE RINGS and I would have even watched a fourth part if he made one, but that one MOCKINGJAY PART 1 killed it for me and I doubt I will bother with the series again. In my eyes, it was a total rip-off sequel that should have been released as one movie instead of two. Period. I don’t wanna repeat myself, but next time I am seeing a PART 1 on a movie poster, I won’t watch it and wait for the VOD release. That reduces the chances I am paying for a full movie without getting what I actually paid for. End of Rant.