Hi Guys,

very sad to say that one of my favorite writers, Terry Pratchett has passed away! His daughter posted the sad new through his Twitter channel in a series of three tweets and it was one of the most sentimental moments I ever had in regard to Twitter. It was not just that I liked his writing but I honestly liked him as a person and when I watched his Orangutang documentary recently, I was already concerned about his health because he could hardly walk. He was suffering from a rare form of Alzheimer´s disease and was fighting for every little bit of quality that he could get out of his life. And yeah, the Orangutan expedition was the last expedition he would ever do and right now, I feel like the world is a little bit less warm place today. My girlfriend was very sad and sentimental too because she was actually the one who introduced me to Terry Prachett´s books.
Now, I decided its a good idea to drink a couple of beer in honor of Terry Pratchett! The more I write, the less english I speak so I better come to an end with the last three tweets from Terry Pratchett´s Twitter Account.



  •  Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.


  • The End.