I am really impressed by THE JINX Documentary

Hi Guys, well, I know I already mentioned the Documentary THE JINX – THE LIFE & DEATHS OF ROBERT DURST this week but the whole series had such a huge impact on me that I just had to write another post to write about it. I mean, the direction is really fabulous and the way they built the whole tension up until the final episode is total remarkable. I can hardly remember any other documentary that had such a great impression on me and I guess that´s pretty much all I can say right now. I have no idea how a jury will see this case (because there already was one jury who acquitted him of murder) but I´d be surprised if theres a lawyer who can make those serious pieces of evidence go away. You know, I went into this documentary thinking like “well maybe he´s innocent” and went straight into the opposite direction the more I saw. I mean, sure, you can always cut and manipulate some things to make a person look guilty but to me, it didnt feel like this was the case here. But yeah, now that i´ve seen this great HBO documentary, I can´t wait to see how the trial will go. And heaps of respect to HBO for investing so much time, money and manpower into this documentary. In my opinion, it totally paid off! At once point, I even messaged my girlfriend telling her “YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!” and I usually dont bother her with the stuff that I watch. But yeah, this is one of the rare moments when you see something so extraordinary and strange that you just cant believe it!