Netflix Crackdown On Europeans who watch Netflix US – What a Joke!

Hi Guys, so i need to Vent because i just read an Article on Torrentfreak that put me in Rage. This is the Article in Question, and it´s basically about Europeans that use VPN´s to watch the American Version of Netflix, instead of using the Ones in their own Country.

HOW DARE THESE EUROPEANS WATCHING A PRODUCT LICENSED FOR AMERICANS? Right? You know, this would be equally outrageous than People in Russia wanting to use an american Porn Service or any other Service that´s offered in the united States.  Or making american Beer unavailable in other Countries. Or randomly block readers from other Countries from accessing a certain Website in a Poor attempt to make more Money. Please note that That is absolutely not what i want but a satirical Way of criticizing this hostile Anti-Customer Procedure.

But i am not blaming Netflix. It´s not that Netflix doesn´t want Foreigners to watch the US Version, but because Right Holders (you know, the big Movie companies) complained about the fact that they lose Viewers to Netflix US. Wha Wha What??? Can you say that again? How does it matter where i live if i am a paying Customer of a Service? Maybe the Guys who complained lost Viewers because the Quality of their Movie Selection wasn´t good enough or because their Streams lacked something elemtary, like the english Audio Version for example. I have no Idea why their customer decided not to use the Service anymore and instead use Netflix US, but i can certainly tell you why i am unhappy with my german Version of Netflix, just as an example.

I want to watch Movies when they are released and how they were originally intended to be. With Actors voicing their Roles themselves instead of crappy Synchronizations that in most Cases aren´t half as good as the Originals are. And i don´t want to wait always and forever until i can see the new Season of GAME OF THRONES, because it doesn´t take more than a couple of weeks until one of my American Friends or some Ahole spoils it for me. And i feel like we are at the Point where Movie Companies and Streaming Services should be technically able to release the Movies in all Countries at the same Time. I mean, that has become better in the Past and i am really happy about it, but i don´t really get the need for different versions of Netflix. I mean, i DO KNOW the need but i feel like that´s an antiquated Model of Streaming and the Right Holders should understand that this Model is Dead. Instead of complaining about Piracy, why not give the People a Way to Buy their Products. And that for an affordable Price and i bet you that Piracy wouldn´t be that of a Problem anymore. On Germany, they have german Shows like STROMBERG and PASTEWKA on Netflix. Which are both decent Shows; but they were all over the free TV in the past Years and that´s certainly not a Reason for me to pay Netflix. Instead, i would like to watch the same Shows as the American Viewers. Yeah, why friggin not? It´s using the same Internet, doesn´t it?

A good Example for this is GAME OF THRONES or all the Shows that are exclusively on Netflix US in the first Year. Making them available worldwide would give People a Chance to buy them; and i really don´t get the difference between the Money of a European and the Money of an American? Like, aren´t we all intended to be Equals on the Internet and isn´t a Streaming Service a Part of the Internet? What´s next? Now i cannot use Google US anymore and have to use my local Version? Oh wait, that´s already the Case. And that´s equally ridiculous.

Is it really necessary to keep People from another Country from Watching a Streaming Service? In my Eyes, it´s total Backward Thinking that can be compared to what the Music Industry did before they understood the Strenghts of legal Download Services.

And now that we are talking about it…what is it with all these Region Codes on DVD and Blu-Rays? Wouldn´t you sell a lot more of your Product if People were actually able to buy and watch it? I mean, people were able to purchase Import Vinyl or Import Music CD´s so why not Import Media like DVDs and Blu-Rays? Yes, people can do that by buying special codefree Players but it just feels like the Right Holders do everything in their Power to Keep People from what they really want? That is Marketing done Wrong!

The Trend is heading towards one global Streaming Market and if the Right Holders would stop with this Backwards Thinking and instead, embrace the Possibilities, it would certainly earn them more Money. When a Service isn´t good enough to get enough Customers by itself, stop blaming it on other Streaming Services like Netflix US, that attract more people because they are simply better! Let the Quality be the factor that regulates the Market. Maybe next time instead of trying to bully a Service around that attracts many Foreign Viewers, maybe try to get better yourself instead, you know? But I am sure that´s a totally unheard of Thing on some Marketing Community Colleges, so let´s not waste any more Time with this crazy Thought, right?