Preview: Jurassic World

So, the Trailer for JURASSIC World, the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park Franchise is out. Judging by the Look of it, it kinda looks promising.

The Storyline starts 22 years after the original Jurassic Park.

Scientists built a full- functioning dinosaur theme resort with the Name “Jurassic World“, as it was originally planned by John Hammond. This new park was built and is now owned by the Masrani Corporation. After a couple of good years, their Visitor rates are starting to decline, so they kinda get the Idea it would be cool to breed Dinsosaur Hybrids but the Plan backfires…

The only Character to return is DB Wong, who is playing the Role of Henry Wu. So Chris Pratt seems to be a Mix between what Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neals Characters were in the Movies before. Allegedly, there were at least four different Scripts that were written for this Movie, so let´s really hope they picked the Best One for it.

The CGI that i could watch in the Trailer look very Good and some of the Scenes are really great. The Shot with that Crocodile-type Dinsoraur coming out the Water look awesome and some Scenes have the Potential to become something really great.

My personal Opinion is that they bred some kind of a hybrid between T-Rex and Veloceraptor. In a couple of the Scenes, you can see some claws that look a lot like the Veloceraptor i have in my Cellar and some of the other Shots show a Dinosaur that looks like T-Rex but they don´t show it´s Face. Or maybe he´s wearing Lipstickwho knows.

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