Redditing Is Fun!

Hey Guys,

so despite my trouble to post anything in r/television without having it removed, I had a fun night posting on Reddit. I´m not interested to somehow use my Reddit account to make advertising for my blog or anything like that and I dont know why the television subreddit mods are giving me such a hard time.
I just like the Reddit community and enjoy exchanging stories with other likeminded people. So yeah, tried posting in r/television again and this time, I had like 50% percent removed. lol. One out of two because I posted two links, of which one was a video to the series premiere of the HBO show VICE. HBO decided it´s a good Idea to grant everyone free access to the first episode of the new season and posted it on their Youtube Channel and I thought that this is a cool Idea and posted it. I mean, the show is free and can be watched without charge. The posting got a couple of upvotes. Nothing great but it was ok and this morning, the link was kinda gone again. Don´t really know what the reason was they removed it because I checked all their subreddit rules and it wasnt posted before and all that but yeah, I´ll respect it though I really feel like this is weird. The second posting was about Alan Tudyk & Nathan Fillion trying to crowdfund their ‘Con Man’ Series and it turned out to do very well. So yeah, was a fun night posting and writing about movies and I see the 50% rate of posts that did not vanish as a success. I mean, dont want to bitch and I´m just writing this to share what´s going on in my life.

Well yeah, that´s about it about me personally. Have been reading a cool Article about Jim Parsons from BIG BANG THEORY on the VARIETY homepage. It explains some of the scenes that won him the Emmy again and I really enjoyed that because it highlights some of the strongest moments of his acting. I mean, I just discussed about him and the rest of the cast earlier today because they reminded me about the cast of SEINFELD because they will have a very hard time to get rid of the strong image that their BIG BANG THEORY roles will leave in the head of the viewers.
I recently saw this Interview with Jason Alexander (George from SEINFELD) in which he spoke about the reasons they ended SEINFELD like they did and he said some very honest and true things about making a character that will stick to them for the rest of their careers. I mean, Julia Louis Dreyfus worked very hard for her After-SEINFELD career and I really hope that Jim Parsons will be able to do the same. His portrayal of Sheldon is kinda iconic in a way and he will have to do some serious out of character roles to get over it one day. I mean, maybe he should play a Junkie or a bulimic Maniac after the show ends.

Well, that´s about it for now. Just tweeted a bit and someone sent me a message about funding a pressure cooker or something like that. So yeah, can´t really say I get a lot of non-spammy messages on twitter but I´ll work on it! See ya!