Review: AT THE DEVIL`S DOOR (2014)

Review: AT THE DEVIL`S DOOR (2014)


666 – The number of the beast. Whenever I hear that crappy phrase in a movie, I know that I have to be really strong. I mean, wouldn´t you agree that the whole 666 number thing is aged and stupid? Like, couldn´t they use a different number to show that someone has the devil inside? Maybe “th4d3v1l ” or something subliminal like that? You know, 666 is SO 80s and cliché and we´ve already seen that so many Times in a multitude of superior Movies that it´s totally detrimental to the quality of the Plot and every halfway decent screenwriter should gtfo of a Project that includes plotlines about the number “666”.

The plot is about a demon that´s killing young women by entering their bodies. One girl after the other falls victim to the evil demon, who oftenly manifests as a girl in a red raincape. But when it once more sticks its hands out to get the sister of one of its victims, it gets a “class a butt whooping” because she doesn´t take sh*t from demons and loch ness monsters and fights back. Well, something like that.

Now, apart from the thing with the triple six, the movie is absolutely ok. There are a couple of pretty scary scenes. The Demon has a few creepy occurences, but there are some scenes ith it that are outright silly. One of the biggest problems of AT THE DEVIL`S DOOR is the terrible narration. The Movie tries to take some time to slowly introduce its characters, but ends up being totally eventless. It´s like a succession of creepy Scenes that are decent and can be scary, but just don´t match together. Some of the acting is ok but there were a couple of scenes that made me pray for salvation.
The general concept and the idea of the plot is totally ok and overall, AT THE DEVIL`S DOOR is a mediocre Movie that has some strengths.

Another major problem is the complexity of the plot and the fact that many of its characters are very similar, it made it hard for me to keep them apart. During the first  third of the movie, the director shows us a couple of kill-offs and it takes way too long until you realize who the main character is. Overall, the movie lacks some good and sympathetic Characters that you would care about. The plot is way too complex and moves in all kinds of directions, just to end in a dead end. Now, that was an empty phrase, wasn´t it? Let´s say the ending was really frustrating because it´s so unclimaxedjust imagine the finale of Ridley Scotts GLADIATOR ending with Maximus and Commodo having a dull debate about Taxes instead of fighting each other to death. You know and in a way, that´s how the finale of this movie is… You think about all the cool possibilities the movie could end; and then, it drowns you in a sea of insignificancy.

But yeah, it is not bad… But it consists of way too many plotlines ending up in nothingness and is not entertaining or captivating enough to really grab the viewer by the gut. I did not regret watching AT THE DEVIL`S DOOR but it didn´t give me sleepless nights either.