Review: Daylight (2013)

Review: Daylight (2013)


Do not mistake this 2013-Found-Footage Movie with the Stallone Action-Trash Flick from 1997! DAYLIGHT joins the recent Trend of Found Footage Movies and is actually one of the better Ones i recently saw. The Plot is about a few Child Protection Workers who investigate a Series of potential Child Abuses in a small Town called DAYLIGHT. Most of the Children have bruises and other behavioural syndromes associated with physiological disturbances and physical factors. The more they scratch on the surface of this mysterious Case, the more it seems that the children could actually suffer from Demonic Possession!

I was pretty much “tricked” into renting this One, because i felt like the cover looked pretty cool and professional. So i was greatly surprised when i realized that DAYLIGHT is actually some kind of Low Budget Indie Movie. And i don´t mean that in a negative Way.  So the Movie looks more like a very low-Budget clone of the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and if you aren´t one of the People who love this new Genre, you might have Trouble to enjoy DAYLIGHT. However, if you are like me and can´t get enough of the so called Found Footage Movies, you will be pleasantly surprised because the Quality of the Production is absolutely decent! The CGI are extremely good for this Genre and in some Scenes, it even felt like they overused them a bit. However, i felt like the whole Thing is totally solid and very well worth the Money. The Acting on the other Hand is one of the Problems here. Some Scenes would have been pretty creepy, if the Acting wouldn´t have been so terrible. A bunch of Actors was ok but the Majority was just bad.

The Plot is very mysterious and at no Point, i felt like i knew what was going to happen next. And that is really rare for Movies like this One and i really like to Congratulate the Director for putting together one of the better FF Movies and proving that being on a tight Budget is not necessarily an excuse for making terrible Movies.

The Screenplay decent and the Ending comes up with a pretty good Plot twist too. What really bugged me was the typical lack of a Score and i really wonder why people are capable of putting together very professional Digital Effects but not something important like a Soundtrack. Apart from that, the Dialogue Sound was pretty bad too and i felt like the Audiovisual Aspect of this Movie drags it down.

DAYLIGHT is not very Gory and overall, there were not enough Scary or Creepy Moments for my Taste; but since the whole Plot moves more towards the Mystery-Genre, i don´t really want to bear Grudges.

The Movie came out in 2013, where it was shown at the Frightfest and in my Opinion, it took way too long until the Movie was released now in November. But now that it´s out, i keep my fingers crossed for it to make enough Money to allow the Director to make another Movie. Liked what he did here, though not everything was perfect!