Extraterrestrial Review 2014

A few Friends want to spend the Weekend in their Cabin in the Woods in order to have a good Time over the Weekend. But shortly after their Arrival, they are attacked by Aliens who have crashed their flying Saucer and seem to be pretty pissed about that.

Everything that´s off pretty boring with the typical Cliches about Movies where people are taken by Extraterrestrials. But the Movie is not totally bad and i felt totally entertained during most Parts of the Movie. The Finale was little bit chewy but overall, i was pleasantly surprised by it.

The Acting is decent and the Fact that there are a couple of Guest Stars like Michael Ironside & Gil Bellows makes it a fresh short-minded Sci Fi Flick. Michael Ironside was totally hilarious as a c0nfused Stoner and i would have loved to see him a little longer.

The Scene with the Anal Probe had me laughing in Tears, thinking about the legendary SOUTHPARK Episode. The UFO Design looks pretty ok and towards the End, the Movie borrows a whole lot of Aspect from Films like THE MATRIX.  The Alien Design on the other Hand is the Shit. No, what i meant was that it´s Shit! Like, Shit Shit. Looks like one of these Alien Templates that you can load into your Videoediting Software to create a certain Alien Effect. The Crappy Aliens pull down the Film a lot and i think they should have rather used an Original Design, like THE THING in Carpenters Classic or something like that. Here, the Aliens were shown WAY too early and were totally visible most of the Time, what kinda killed the Illusion for me. And the fact that they looked like the little Gray Men from Southpark didn´t help much to save it.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL is funny and sometimes, it´s more of a SCI Fi Comedy than a genuinely scary Movie but that´s totally OK for me. The Technical Quality is ok and the Movie is a Fun Flick for a boring Sunday. It´s basically a Movie that is supposed to earn the Studio a few Bucks and i am pretty optimistic that it will succeed with that. These days, there are many Movies that are somewhere between good and Evil and pretty much only exist to fill up the Yearly Release Schedule of the Studios…and this is one of them. It´s really decent and it has some genuinely good Moments but you wouldn´t miss it if it didn´t exist.

It combines Elements from many Genre-Classics, so there isn´t anything new to see here. The Ending was quite surprising but was a reference to a certain Movie-Classic from the late 60s; though it worked really well. Whenever an Ending manages to piss me off, i need to appreciate that. So, i can´t really say i enjoyed the Ending but it had an Effect. Overall, totally decent!