Review: FURY (2014)

Review: FURY (2014)


FURY was one of my most anticipated movies of 2014. I was thinking “Finally a decent movie about Battletanks”. According to the Producers, this is the first movie that ever used a real and fully functioning TIGER Tank for filming. And in regards to the tank battles, I was not let down. But that´s about it. I mean, the whole film has so many ridiculous clichés in it that it´s actually not funny anymore. You know, there is this Newbie who does not want to fight and has this inner struggle because he does not want to kill people. And towards the end, he´s like “yeah bring me the krauts ratatata!!!”. And all this character development happens within half an hour or so. This is exactly the type of character development that I would teach directors at filmschool NOT to do and it´s only surpassed by the scene when Anakin Skywalker suddenly decides he´ll hop on that “dark side” train when Palpatine asks him to do so in STAR WARS: EPISODE 3.

The Plot is about a Sherman Tank crew who is totally outnumbered and attacked by a german SS Bataillon. Brad Pit is the commander of the American tank unit and seems to have some kind of sentimental relationship with his Sherman tank because he´d rather let all of his men go to hell  than leaving their rolling tin can behind. So yeah, Tank Commander Pitt makes the foolish decision to hold the road against something like 300 German SS soldiers with his handful of men.
And talking about the German soldiers… they are marching around, shouting out nazi songs so loud that you could hear them coming from miles and miles away and just try to be as cliché as possible. And the sheer amount of stupidity among the enemy is really breathtaking. Yes, there should probably be SOME kind of stupidity involved when portraying nazi soldiers, but if this would be a videogame, everyone would cringe about the terrible AI. You know, just when the tank crew comes around, they suddenly all forget how to fight and shoot in the air and miss every target that you can miss. It was like when John Wayne shot in the air and suddenly, five Indians fell dead from their horses. Ridiculous. The time when you could do that kind of stuff in movies and get away with it is over. One scene that comes in my mind had like 30 SS Soldiers with grenades and bazookas who were not able to deal with an already broken tank and five men.

But the action was good, though it was TOTALLY unrealistic and some of the scenes looked really great. The only thing that I missed was a scene with maybe Captain America or THE HULK kicking Adolfs butt while he´s crying or something similarly realistic like that.
The Acting was ok, but Brad Pitt´s German was so bad that it made me cringe and miss Christoph Waltz every single time he opened his mouth. Shia Leboef was one of the better actors in FURY and I absolutely enjoyed the authentic look of the uniforms and the equipment. Concerning Shia, I gotta admit that I expected him to “tank” this role, but he was surprisingly good and made me totally re-evaluate my opinion about his acting skills.  That walrus mustache suits him and he should keep it so people don´t remember his performance from INDIANA JONES anymore.

In a way, FURY reminded about the finale of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, where the American soldiers have to hold the bridge. The cinematography was good and some scenes were really beautifully filmed. The Plot and the characters are the real problem here; you have the typical stereotypes and I am starting to get sick of movies where there´s this one rookie who has no idea what´s going on and comes back from the war as a hero. Really, that sucks.

And the finale was really bad. Not only was it extremely unrealistic, but totally uneventful and simply put, not worthy of a finale. If that final battle would have taken place in a video game, it would have been something like level 2 Bowser. And not the really fast one with the lava and the spiky gumbas but the one that doesn´t even try. And yeah, the whole thing is just an insult to the intelligence of the viewers and all the veterans who fought in WWII. Besides, the whole nazi war theme gets kinda old and if there isn´t a great script, no movie company should even bother to consider it. FURY has some decent tank action going on but everything else is substandard.  This was a great chance because it could have been THE TANK MOVIE but it´s actually not. It´s scheisse.