Review: GONE GIRL (2014)

Review: GONE GIRL (2014)


I totally Love David Fincher as a Director. Ever since “what´s in the Box?!?!?” I was hooked and even though he also directed some less strong Movies like ALIEN 3, I still liked them somehow. You could say that i was able to connect with Finchers Understanding of Filmmaking. And I guess the same applies for GONE GIRL.

The Movie tells the Lovestory of two Writers, that somehow end up having an unhappy Marriage. A thing that happens everywhere on the World and that´s absolutely not a Crime. Ben Affleck plays the good Guy Husband who has many Flaws but is still in Love with his Wife somehow and who´s terrified when he suddenly figures out that she´s gone. Where? No One knows. In their House, they find Signs of a Struggle and after a short Time of Investigating, the Police Officers are pretty sure that a crime must have happened. It doesn´t take long until the Good Guy Husband ends up in the Center of Investigation and i can promise you that David Fincher pulls out some pretty unforeseeable Plot-Twists out of his sleeve to make GONE GIRL a very interesting Movie!

Do you note that I wrote “interesting Movie” instead of a more positive Term? Well, that´s because at this Point i am really not sure what to think of GONE GIRL. The Movie is absolutely interesting, fascinating and thrilling; at least on a very subliminal Level. GONE GIRL is a Masterpiece in Storytelling and I sat through the whole Movie and kept wondering what was going to happen next.

The Acting is solid, though Ben Affleck pretty much plays himself. Rosamunde Pikes Acting is truly amazing and I also liked Neil Patrick Harris, despite the fact that I needed to focus in order to keep the Illusion because i totally identify him with Barney from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. But yeah, he was good and I am looking forward to see him in more Roles like that.

The Sound was minimal, but strong, though the whole Movie is kinda quiet. I understand Fincher uses this as a cinematographic Tool but I would have appreciated a little bit more Life in the Audio Track.

One of the biggest Strenghts of GONE GIRL was the subliminal Comedy, which literally made me laugh out loud at some Points and though i knew how funny Fincher can be, i really didn´t see it coming here. That´s probably why he chose Affleck to play the Role of the Husband. Especially the Scene when they smiled at each other through the Windowdon´t want to spoil anything but you know what Scene i mean when you see it!

But apart from the Comedic Factor, the Movie is able to portray some of the real materialized Horrors that Men do. And in a way that makes it absolutely believable. The Pacing is from another World and overall, i so loved the whole cinematography. Really Great Work from Jeff Cronenweth too!

The Script based on the Novel by Gillian Flynn and shares the Theme with a very prominent Real Life Case called the PETERSON CASE, which is basically a real Life Version of GONE GIRL. So in some Ways, it´s based on real Events. And it´s not just that GONE GIRL is a light Movie for a fun Sunday Eveningit pulls you in and makes you Question some of the basic Principles of Marriage and Love. Throughout the whole Film, i was looking at my Partner thinking like “could she?”Really, at some Point, I kinda lost Interest in Dating for a while during the 150 Minutes runtime. 😉 But despite the fact that the Movie has such a long Runtime, it manages to entertain from the first Minute to the Ending Credits!

And I feel like that is one of the real strengths of this Movie. It captures the Viewer and makes him Part of what goes on in the Husbands Mind, which is absolutely amazing in my Eyes. Rosamund Pike absolutely hit the nail on the Head with her Role as Amy and was one of the Reasons why GONE GIRL is such a strong Movie. Ben Affleck played the Character perfectly, but I feel like he always plays the same type of character so i would like to see him in more fucked up Roles.


My overall Impression of GONE GIRL was great. The Movie made me feel uncomfortable from start to end and that is usually a good Sign! So yeah, check it out and watch for the comedy that is hidden under the Surface!