Review: INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 (2013)

This weekend I was watching INSIDIOUS 2, after I already reviewed the first One recently.   And I was already blown away by the first part and I actually didn´t expect that this second one would actually come close to it. But I was totally wrong because INSIDIOUS 2 was one of the best horror movies i´v e seen since THE EXORCIST. And i really mean that! I couldn´t believe that that it only has around 6 on IMDB, and the only explanation that I can think of is that people don´t really give high ratings for horror movies. The Story picks up where the first part ended and tells us more about the Lambert family. James Wan directed again and to me, it´s absolutely his best work so far. And yes, this is better than SAW.
It´s been two days now since i watched the movie and I already feel the strong urge to watch it again; and that is really rare for me, especially with horror movies. When i watched INSIDIOUS: THE SECOND CHAPTER, I was really messed up and totally tense because i had spent the past 100 minutes in a state of constant shock. INSIDIOUS 2 starts off pretty calm but it doesn´t take long until it hits you with a couple of greatly timed shock effects.
Most of the scares hit home and the pacing is actually what makes James Wan such a good director. The budget was around five million dollars and for that relatively small amount of money, this is a KICKASS movie. Really, there are directors that burn a whole lot more cash with their projects and the results don´t look nearly half as good as INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2.

From the top of my head, I can´t really think of so many weaknesses in INSIDIOUS 2. If I had to tell you one thing that i didn´t like, it may be the overuse of shock effects because around the first half of the movie, you get to a point where the tension reaches an absolute maximum and you can no longer stay focused. You know, at that point, some of the shocks just fizzle out because you´ve reached the highest plateau. I hope that makes any sense but i´ve watched it with a friend and we both felt the same at the same time. The first half is the strongest and after that, the movie gets a little weaker.

The cast is totally ok and just as in INSIDIOUS 1, the spiritual Ghosthunters are back again and make sure there is a little bit of humour to tone down the horror. It´s really great to see most of the cast coming back again and I am really starting to like the  series. Part 3 is already announced, though it seems that James Wan will not direct again because he´s done with the horror genre. Which is really sad in consideration of the large number of great horror movies that he made.

Do you need to know the first one before you can watch Part 2? Well, you probably have to see the first One but I can almost guarantee that if you liked the first one, part 2 will blow you away! CHAPTER 2 was filmed for a pretty low budget and that´s something that you cannot praise enough. James Wan´s direction is perfect though the Cinematography is a bit worse than in part one but apart from that, INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 beats it´s predecessor in most other categories. Make sure to turn the volume down because there are some shock scenes that come together with some VERY loud sound effects. Sound effects are among the most important tools in James Wan´s Skillset and he uses them A LOT. I couldn´t be more happier with this sequel and I am really a bit bummed out that Wan won´t come back to direct part three. But let´s hope he gives this baby in capable hands…Many people didn´t like this movie but to me, it´s one of the best horror movies in the past 20 years. And i can say that with a vengeance!