Review: Interstellar (2014)

FINALLY! Have been waiting for this Movie like a Star Wars Fanboy standing in Line in front of the Cinema. Been there, done that. And in case of INTERSTELLAR, it was very well worth it! The Movie is great and pretty much met my Expectations of what was going to hit me.

Nonetheless; i am disappointed somehow. But let me explain. The Movie is terrific and in almost every Aspect extraordinary!
Chris Nolan is the new Superstar among the Directors and reminds me a lot about a young Ridley Scott. Hungry, Gritty, uncompromising! His Direction is fantastic and i also felt reminded about Kubricks 2001, which is a Masterpiece in it´s own Way.

The Plot is intelligent and emotional at the same Time. The Cast is great and Matthew McConaughey is as good as it gets. The scientific Data that was integrated in the Screenplay is probably extremely accurate and it´s hard to find something that isn´t great in this Movie. But somehow, i felt like the Movie lost touch with my Emotions. Though the Film adds a whole lot of emotional Drama, i didn´t really get warm with the Characters. Most particularly Matthew McConaughey´s Role seemed very cold, especially towards his Son. But let´s take a closer look at the Plot first!

In a near Future: The World is dying and people try desperately not to go down the same Road as the Dinosaurs. The Plants are struggling to survive with all kinds of Natural Contaminations and when even the Corn Crops fail, Humanity is looking for a Way out.

As People need all Resources for surviving, there is no real Military anymore. Nasa is working secretly in a remote Location in order to keep people from freaking over the fact that their last Resources are spent for people watching the Stars.  Which is not the case, because what they are actually doing is searching for a new habitable “Earth” that would guarantee the Humanities Survival.  So they send a Group of brave People out into different directions in the Solar System to find us a new Home. Most people fail but a few of them are signalling that the Conditions on the Planets would allow human life to exist. Because of that, NASA´s Plan is to put together a Crew of Astronauts to fly there and start a colony for mankind to live.

After watching a strange Anomaly in the Room of his Daughter Murph, Ex-NASA Pilot Rust Cole (McConaughey) is somehow guided to the absolutely secret NASA Headquarter and joins the Team as Lead-Pilot in order to save mankind.

I don´t want to spoil too much of the actual Plot and how everything goes down but i will mention a few details of the Story that i found remarkable; so if you haven´t seen this Movie, i guess it´s Time to avoid the Rest because i will go a little bit in Detail and will mention stuff that can spoil the Plot.

The CGI are outstanding. The Movie was shot in IMAX and the Movie looks absolutely fabulous on the big screen. Technically, this is the state of the Art and i am very happy about Nolan´s work so far. BUT this is NOT Chris Nolans best Movie. It is really a great Movie but there were so many Things not right on an emotional Level with the Movie that i just wasn´t as entertained as i was in Movies like THE DARK KNIGHT or even THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  There were so many people who were unhappy with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES but i found it to be a totally legit and solid Sequel and at no point, i wasn´t grinning like a Potato. But in INTERSTELLAR, I wasn´t feeling it. The Script is pretty solid and i cannot agree with Remarks about the Story being totally unbelievable but the Story goes so much into Detail about the Scientific Facts that i somehow lost the Fun. At some Point, i felt like Nolan´s Movie has everything it takes but Heart.

And speaking of Heart. For me, one of the biggest Problem was the Coldness with which McConaughey played Cole. I mean, this Guy just leaves his Family on Earth and all he does is patting his Son on the Shoulder like “cya Brosinski” and leaves? No Wonder he started to get Depressed over this. Well played by Casey Affleck by the Way.

McConaughey is Great in every Aspect. Love his Acting and he was perfect for the Role. But i wasn´t able to get attached to the Characters here. Anne Hathaway is great too and Marky Damon was terrific. He was like, the secret Star of the Movie for me. But the whole Thing with him was SO obvious. It was TOTALLY obvious to me that he´ll pull an “ASH”-Move (Bad Android in ALIEN 1) and try to get rid of Matthew. I would have done the same. ;) HELL YEAH TAKE ALL MY EQUIPMENT TO GET BACK TO EARTH TO CUDDLE WITH YOU DAUGHTER SMACK SMACK SMACK AND NOW GTFO.

And speaking of obvious. You certainly remember the Ghost/Anomaly in the House when Cole is about to leave. It was SO SO SO obvious that it´s Cole from the Future. Not sure if i was just lucky to guess that but i felt like that´s such an Important Aspect of the Story that laid right in Front of people´s Eyes right from the Start.

Apart from that, the Movie was great. Not an All-time-Classic but one of Chris Nolan´s best Works. I feel if i would rate this Movie just by the Quality of the technical Aspects, i would need to give it a 100%. But this is not Film-School and i base my Ratings on more than just the Craftsmanship. Personally, i would be surprised if INTERSTELLAR doesn´t win the Special Effects Oscar this Year but great Effects never made a great Movie.

The Soundtrack was once more created by Hans Zimmer and it´s a very unique Work that´s not far behind the pumping Classic he created THE DARK KNIGHT. Camerawork is extraordinary and the Sound Effects totally blew me away! The Visuals, the CGI Effects, you name it! All in a League of their own. The little Details like Colors or Inside-Trivia like naming the Daughter Murph after Murphys Law shows what a Master Nolan is. Maybe my Expectations were too high but i wasn´t really as enthusiastic about INTERSTELLAR as everybody else seemed to be. Hell yeah, it´s Great. But i know that Nolan can do a lot more better and somehow, the Soul isn´t there for me.  And in my Eyes; the Problem lies in the Characterization of the Roles and how they Interact. Honestly and i have no Shame saying it…i cried more on ARMAGEDDON. Ha Ha, thinking about it, that was a bit Wussy-like but still; i didn´t get the feels for the Characters. Their Scenes and Interactions were very well written and with a lot of Love for Detail but i felt the whole Thing to be totally cold.

Now i want to come to an End and i would like to end this with writing about my Reaction to the Movie. Though i wasn´t as happy as i hoped to be after watching it, i started reading more about the Universe, Time and our Place within all this Mess after watching it. I actually took out my A SHORT HISTORY OF TIME again after i had it on my Shelve for at least 10 years without touching it. What i want to say is, that the Movie had an Influence on me. It made me think and woke me up a bit from the Day-to-Day Dream that we call everyday Life and made me curious about some Things again. And that is something that very few Movies are ablte to do. It´s like Nolan´s Plan isn´t always to make Movies that everybody likes, as long as he does something that triggers a Response in the Viewers Mind. And in that Regard, it is a Masterpiece.

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