Review: IORIGINS (2014)

Now that´s a funky Title for a really boring Movie. Sorry, didn´t want to sound so harsh. Started this Review twice and felt guilty about bashing the Movie so I stopped. But Justice shoved my Buttocks towards the Computer again. Well, my Taste might be an overly trivial, so chances are the Movie is actually better than i experienced it. But here is how I thought it was:

Was seeing it at Sundance and was greatly disappointed. The Story is about a Scientist who discovers that the concept of Rebirth isn´t as implausible as it sounds.

The Movie Poster looked awesome and since I like Stories that combine science with a mystical Storyline; so i was pretty optimistic that i would be greatly entertained. But Boy how was I wrong! The Story is very interesting and there are some beautiful Scenes. Overall, the Camerawork was great and i also liked most of the Acting! There are a couple of pretty good Scenes but i was bored to Death by the Way the Story was told. And there are so many Scenes that could have worked out great, but were Scripted in such a boring Way, that i couldn´t help but miss watching CON AIR one more Time. “PUT THE BUNNY BACK IN THE BOX!!!!!”. Oh, and there goes my concentration again…

During one or two Scenes I was in serious Danger to fall asleep and that happens really rarely to me. I feel so sorry for writing this because i liked the Directors first Work but This One takes me totally out of my comfort Zone.

The Plot starts decent and interesting, but the longer it runs, the more implausible it gets. The proverbial climax of the Movie is a Scene where our Scientist travels to India in order to look for the SPOIL SPOIL SPOIL Reincarnation of his Wife. And if that wouldn´t have been already way too far fetched, HE EVEN MANAGES TO FIND HER REINCARNATION in the form of a little GirlPardon, I guess I must have misinterpreted the Plot, because that sounds ridiculous!

There is no such Thing as an Arc of Suspense, and despite the beautiful Camerawork, the Scenes lack Passion and a sympathetic Actor that could fill the interesting Idea with Life.  The Film just flows like a Livestream of a trickle. The Acting wasn´t bad per se… Just felt totally empty and passionless. I honestly felt like watching a 90 Minutes Documentary about Wood; and not the type of Wood that makes you feel good and warm inside but frigging WOOD. Sorry, but I really think that this could have been a kick ass Movie… but it´s not. Many people at Sundance liked it and i am pretty sure there is the very Possibility i am just way too ignorant for this kind of Movie, but i was in real danger to be bored to death.