Review: John Wick (2014)

There are people on Earth that you better not mess around with. John Wick, wonderfully low-key played by the REBORN Keanu Reeves, is one of them. He´s the type of Guy that Don Corleone sends you to cut off the Head of your beloved Horse if you don´t accept one of hese Offers that you just cannot decline. A Killer For Hire and not just that, but THE ultimate Killer for hire. People even tell about the one Time when John Wick was sent to kill the Boogeyman. And not only are they true, but probably also a large Understatement.  But when John Wick found his Love and married his Girlfriend Helen, he quit his Job as a Killer and retires. But Fate means ill with John Wick and takes away his Love through the Demon we know by the Name CANCER. Karma has caught up with John; but even now that she´s passed away, she´s not totally gone because she sent John a final Gift shortly before she died. A lovely little Dog, who helps John to cope with the brutal Horror of losing his Wife. UNTIL (SPOILER ALERT), some Nutjob Mafia Wannabe steals his Car and kills his little Beagle!!! I really don´t need to go into detail here but you can imagine that John Wick is frigging raging and makes it his personal Mission to hunt down the Killer of his furry Friend. His Holy War, his Crusade, his personal Killing Spree.

YES!!! Did i just really say that? YES YESS!!! Finally someone who understands what makes a good Action Film without making the Mistake of PG-ing every little bit of Fun out of the Movie. Best example: Die Hard 5: Derp Harder. Watched it a couple of months ago and am still mad because it could have been such a Great Movie if there was some of the typical Blood & adult Dialogues that made the DIE HARD Franchise a Winner. After the two really bad Sequels to MATRIX, Keanu Reeves Career went downhill and though there were some pretty cool Movies among his latest Projects, the Success did not come. But with JOHN WICK, i feel like he could be able to Rebirth his stagnating Acting Career and get back to the A-List Actors in Hollywood. After having some really sad Tragedies in his Personal Life, i would be SO happy for Keanu to get back to the Blockbuster Keanu he once was. And please don´t get me wrongi loved his 46 RONIN. But it´s still not comparable to the Superstar he once was and he´s the type of Guy that would totally deserve it.

Where was I? Ah, YES!!! JOHN WICK is an awesome Movie. At least if you like basic Instincts. Primitive Action Movies with a whole lot of Headshots & Hitman Action. If you liked the Game HITMAN, you will most likely dig this Movie too. Keanu is great and plays the Mafia Bad-Guy with a whole lot of understatementvery cool.

And not a Scene that you feel bored or dullthe first 20 Minutes are pretty much devoted to Character-Development and then, it´s raining Bullets. Willem Daffoe is super and Michael Nyqvist as Father of the poor Devil that John Wicks is after is really fun to watch too.

The Action is brilliant and i am pretty sure that this is the coolest Movie in 2014!

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