Review: KINGSMAN – The Secret Service (2015)

Hi Guys,

so I finally got to watch KINGSMAN – THE SECRET SERVICE and it was pretty much alright. It´s about one of those three-letter spy organizations and how they recruit their new agents after one of them dies. So, this particular spy organisation of the British secret service copied the whole “Knights of the Roundtable” thing and named their agents after the characters in the classic source material; and when Sir Lancelot suffers a sudden and painful death, they are looking for a replacement. And every one of the old-established agents can introduce one potential candidate to replace their highly respected “Sir Lancelot”. What comes now is a pretty long series of scenes that are about all the tests that young aspiring agents have to endure in order to get a shot at joining the organisation. And you know, I am not speaking about them making quiz rounds and stuff but jumping out of a plane without a parachute, for example. And yeah, this part of the movie felt a little bit too slow and unfortunately it´s not until the near end of the movie that the viewer can finally watch the KINGSMAN in battle and for my taste, it just takes a little bit for the whole story to take off.
The cast is pretty awesome and in regard to the acting, KINGSMAN is top-notch first class. The list of A-Stars is huge and there are Colin Firth, Samuel Jackson, Mark SKYWALKER Hamill, Michael Caine and a couple more very capable actors and I was actually positively surprised because a few of the guest appearances. Now, the whole look and the vibe of this film is fresh and you feel like Matthew Vaughn managed to find the perfect mix between old-style spy-movie and the type of KILL BILL fighting scenes. One particularly cool part of the plot is about this very hot Chinese chick who had lost her legs somehow and replaced them with these blade runner type leg implants that Oscar Pistorius was known for before…well, you know. So yeah, she has those razor-sharp sword-legs and she´s literally tearing her opponents apart, which looks really cool sometimes.
And there are countless fighting scenes that just look cool but without looking cheap or overly artificial. A bad example of what I mean can be seen in the recent TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES movie, which is basically a bad example of how not to use CGI.  And in KINGSMAN, it feels like they just got the very right amount of CGI to make every scene look extremely badass. And the overall quality of the CGI is absolutely first class and I am usually against having too many CGI in a movie. But in this case, the proportions between CGI and real scenes were just perfect.
The violence is omnipresent and some scenes made the audience go “WOW”, which is really a good thing for a movie. KINGSMAN shows an alternative type of spy movie. One that somehow takes up the vibe from the old-fashioned JAMES BOND movies and twists and turns it to something entirely fresh and new. In a way, this is how the whole JAMES BOND franchise should have been like and though I totally love the new & dark look of Daniel Craig´s version of the iconic figure, I somehow missed the cocky style that some “earlier” Bond-Actors implemented in their portrayal. So yeah, KINGSMAN is a very cool and stylish attempt to remix the “spy theme” and pimp it with the cocky ignorance from movies like MEN IN BLACK. You know, the type of plot where the rookie is introduced into a random organisation, receives extensive training and ends up saving the world with his super cool weaponry. KINGSMAN is always classy and most of the jokes are surprisingly spot-on.
I already liked director Matthew Vaughn’s previous films (KICK-ASS) and because basically all of them were pretty fun to watch in some way, it was out the question that I would not watch it. And I SO wasn´t disappointed. KINGSMAN is extremely violent and filled with loads of explicit language and that´s exactly how Hollywood movies should be like. You know, but instead we get that PG rated shit thrown in our faces and I am really sick of it. Seeing movies like this make me literally realize how poor the current studio politics in Hollywood got when it´s about violent movies. I mean, studios try to make franchises and don´t want to risk making an R-rated film and that´s one of the reasons that films like KINGSMAN are rare these days. So yeah, respect to Matthew Vaughn and the studio for not being afraid to use graphic violence in a film and I really hope that it will do well at the box office. To me, KINGSMAN is the biggest surprise of 2015 so far and I am pretty sure that the viewers will see it similarly. The acting is really solid and if you compare Colin Firth´s role in THE KING´S SPEECH and his badass role in KINGSMAN, you understand how much of a great actor he actually is. KINGSMAN is one of those movies that just work. If JAMES BOND, MEN IN BLACK and KICK-ASS would meet and make a baby, KINGSMAN would be it! If I would have to name one thing that I didn´t like, it would be that some of the scenes were a bit too slow for my taste. So yeah, overall it felt like a little bit more cutting & editing here and there would have made the movie better but overall, it´s really just a minor detail and even the slow scenes were still kinda good in a way.