Review: LUCY (2014)

Review: LUCY (2014) 

Hi Guys! Vacation is over and i have a whole lot of Movies to review from the past two Weeks. Now, let´s start with the One i saw yesterday: Luc Bessons new Flick LUCY. And let me say one thing first. I checked the Rating on IMDB and i totally concur with the public Opinion about this Movie. I particularly enjoyed it and i feel like most people who review Movies should do something else instead and maybe review Pressure Cookers or something like that. Really, LUCY is visually Impressive and though the Film lacks something like an arc of suspense, it´s really special. And i really do not care if the story is not really scientifically realistic: LUCY was pure Science-Fiction and everyone who fails to recognize  it as that won´t really enjoy any other Sci-Fi Movies either.

Now, let´s add a few words about the Storyline first. Lucy is a smart Woman that somehow, ends up being dragged into some kind of Drug Deal gone bad and the Drug in Question is a substance that increases the human brain capacity dramatically and which already works in tiny, tiny Amounts. Like, Micrograms LSD type Stuff.
After being handcuffed to a suitcase full of this Substance, she makes unpleasant acquaintance with some Yakuza´s who implant her a large Bag of the Stuff in order to use her as some kind of Human Drug Smuggler. While doing that, she manages to piss one of them off so badly that he stomps her a few Times in the belly, which causes the Bag to rip open inside her belly. From now on, the Rest of the Movie feels like a Trip. But a good One. Lucy absorbs the mysterious Material and starts being able to control natural forces like Gravity and uses her newly acquired skills to kick the Asses of her Tormentors. And like, pretty badly. And at some Point, Morgan Freeman turns up just being awesome.

Well yeah, that is basically the story of Lucy in a nutshell. The weaknesses of the Movie are obvious and please skip this part if you have not seen the Movie yet. The Heroine is at no point during the Movie in any Danger to get killed or something like that and though the Bad guys have a Yakuza that looks like a chinese Version of Gary Oldman, it doesn´t give him his diabolic presence from THE PROFESSIONAL. Lucy lacked strong Villains and the Ones it had acted like they didn´t even try. Sure, what do you want to do against a hot chick making you float at the Top of the Room, but i still felt like every Villain in this Film was disappointing.

But at the same Time, LUCY is one of the most visually impressive Movies that i have seen in a long Time. And despite the fact that i was actually pretty  determined to hate Luc Bessons decision to cast Scarlett Johansson for the Role before even seeing the film, SHE WAS GREAT in the Role. Nonetheless, i felt like the Movie would have been great for Uma Thurman. I know it sounds silly but the Role was screaming her Name. But now, back to Scarlett Johansson. Who i think was awesome and now that i saw her performance, i doubt anyone would have been better in that Role.
Morgan Freeman´s Part felt like he was still wearing his THROUGH THE WORMHOLE-Socks but he´s just a great Actor will such a lovely lovely Voice, to use a Bane-Quote here.

The story is purely science Fiction and all the hate that this Movie received because of the unbelievable story kinda made me angry, because that would probably apply to almost every other Science Fiction Movie too! Every Visual Element of this Film was outstanding and throughout the Movie, i NEVER felt like zapping away or browse the Internet for cute Caturday Videos. Though i was totally sober, i tripping balls on Luc Besson´s new Product and i enjoyed every second of it. If at all, Luc Besson´s LUCY may have been a little bit too short but i prefer that to putting in boring Stuff to get over the 100 minutes mark.

So yeah, LUCY is fun if you understand it as a full-blown Sci-Fi Movie. Scarlett Johansson´s Part is like a female Version of Neo and the way she rocks the film is really impressive. The Story is purely fictional and shouldn´t be seen as anything but a silly Sci-Fi Movie without any deeper Meaning or enlightenment and if you understand that, the Movie is fun till the End. If you feel like every Movie has to be scientifically all the Time to be a great Movie, this one is not for you. But  if manage to turn of the Brain and just watch this Mindtrip of  a Movie, it will be VERY well worth your Money!

A Film like a Trip – But a good One!

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