Review: SEED OF CHUCKY (2004)

Review: SEED OF CHUCKY (2004)


Yesterday, I felt like drinking Beer. Not the small Cans that you would buy at the Gas Station but large Mass-Sized Bottles of German Beer. You know, the type of stuff that get´s you so hammered you show your butt to random Strangers at the Oktoberfest and dance the Gangnam Style while dry-humping your Boss.

I usually don´t drink, but whenever I do, I try to drink as much as I physically can in order to activate my third Eye that lets me meet with my Alien-Friends from Orion 5 during Out of Body Experiences. Nevermind. So yeah, the Beer was there and I was looking forward to a Fun Afternoon with a Cheap Horror Movie to accompany my wonderful Germanfest and SEED OF CHUCKY sounded like the right Movie to watch… Which was kinda foolish of me looking back now, but nonetheless, the Ode to Joy started off promising, but early in the opening Credits it already dawned me that this won´t be a Walk in the Park.

Despite the Fact my left Eye pointed into a totally different Direction than the Right One, I was still able to be a 100%  professional Reviewer in order to watch this Pearl from start to finish. Well, and i can wholeheartedly say that most of the Time, I  had at least one Eye open.

When I was a Teenager, I loved the CHUCKY Movies and even though the second and the third One weren´t as good as the Original, I truly enjoyed them. Yes, they were a bit trashy, but there were some really scary Scenes in em and i was always entertained. Not this Time. I would have already been satisfied with just a little Bit of Horror and Splatter here and there; but SEED OF CHUCKY disappointed greatly because there was literally no Horror whatsoever. SEED OF CHUCKY is a very bad Parody of the early Days and I feel like it would be best to let the Series Rest for a while. At least for as long as it takes to find someone who can re-invent the whole Thing in a way that doesn´t come across like they´ve totally given up on trying to make a good Screenplay. SEED OF CHUCKY is a travesty about Toys that are suffering from Gender Issues and some decent Gore paired with a bad Sense of Humor. Some of the Jokes were so bad that it reminded me of the Time when they tried to reboot the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Series by changing Freddy Krueger into some kind of a dorky Standup-Comedian; what back then, almost killed the Series for good. But just take that as a sidenote. 😉

You know, there is this one Point after a couple of Sequels, when the Screenwriters feel like it would be a good Idea to change the general Tone of a Series to something more satirically and add some funny One-liners and Jokes; and that´s usually the Point for me to gtfo and never bother with that Series again because it´s the equivalent of giving up on the Attempt to make something that people take seriously. It´s like they say “yes, we know the whole Thing is ridiculous… look at us how funny we are. Ha Ha”. It´s the type of Humor that makes you want to vomit because you feel sorry about what the Series has become.

I always liked Jeniffer Tilly but in this Movie,  I felt kinda sad for her. She looks like all swollen up and makes degrading Jokes about her failed Career so it even made me feel uncomfortable. You know, I am pretty positive she should have thrown that Script out the Window and do something else with her Time.

I am aware of the fact that the general Idea of a killing Puppet doesn´t offer too many Possibilities to create real Horror, but at least they could have tried to add a handful of halfway decent Scares.Yes, there luckily is Gore what is in my Eyes, the only Strength of the Movie but that totally goes down because of the failed attempts of Humor.

I honestly couldn´t find one Scene that made me wiggle my eyebrows and to me, it´s no surprise that one of the Actors felt like erasing SEED OF CHUCKY from his Filmography afterwards.

The Acting is terrible and the only Actor that I really enjoyed was REDMAN. His Acting was bad too, but at least he´s got an Excuse. The Puppet that is supposed to be Chucky´s Son just looks plain ridiculous and you would have a very hard time being scared of that little Muppet.

Not sure what they were thinking when they came up with the whole Storyline but in my Eyes, i guess it´s the right Time for me to stop watching new Parts of this series until they let Eminem voice Chucky or change Chucky into a Chipmunk.  This Series needs a lot more Horror and less of this self-degrading Humor that makes Chucky look like a total Fool. Mancini, who created the CHUCKY Series in the first Place, tried making a Mix between Horror and Comedy but it just doesn´t work for me. CHUCKY has changed into some kind of a Comedy Show for Adults and I really wonder how long the Core-Audience is willing to put up with this. It´s  a perfect Movie to watch with your Girlfriend and her Parents; and i SO don´t mean that as a compliment.