Review: SIGNS (2002)

Review: SIGNS (2002)

SIGNS REVIEW 2002 Shyamalan Meld Gibson

Ok, it´s Time to talk about one of the most hated Sci-Fi Movies in the Past 20 Years. M. Night Shyamalan´s SIGNS. It´s like everybody of the Critics i know hates it´s guts and though i agree with their critic on some level, i also think that the Movie does a few things right! And here is what i like about it:

First of all, I totally not understand why this Movie get´s so much shit from Critics all over the world. I mean, of course, this is not really a great Movie but it´s a decent Flick for a rainy Day. Completely agree that there are many things that aren´t right here, but I also think that it has a lot of strengths as well! The Scenes in the Cornfield are totally atmospheric and scary. And a few of the Scenes in the Finale (when they barricaded themselves in the House) made me feel really awkward too. Overall, there are quite a few very good Scenes and the Acting, especially Mel Gibsons, was very totally solid! I really miss the Times when Mel Gibson teamed up with Danny Glover to fight against Apartheid instead of babbling racist Shit towards his Exes yet. But yeah, I miss him as an Actor and I feel like he should be given another Chance. Don´t think you should solely judge People by their Drunk Rants that they shout at their Ex-Partners after a Night of Binge Drinking. But yeah, just my Opinion and I am not defending what he saidjust that i would enjoy seeing him again in Movies.

The Plot is about a Priest who loses it´s Faith after his Wife is killed in an Accidentbecause you know, Aliens. Well, no actually not, but the Movie is about an Alien Attack on Earth and how Mel Gibson and his Family fight them off by locking them up in the Kitchen. 😉

The Movie has some undeniable Deficites, like for Example the very poor Alien Design and Animation. Which is in my Opinion one of the biggest Problem of it because it totally kills the Illusion. Really, the Movie SIGNS has some piss poor CGI in it that make everything look a whole lot worse than it actually is. Besides, there are some Problems with the Script. You know, the fact that those Aliens are taking over the Planet but can simply be stopped by locking them in a Kitchen is kinda ridiculous. Also the whole religious Subplot with “everything happens for a Reason” makes me wanna beat my head against the kitchen floor.

That being said, I still like SIGNS. I mean, I am completely aware that this is a bad Movie; but it´s highly entertaining! In particular, it reminded me about the notorious INVADERS FROM MARS. When I was a child, I spent the Night at my Grandma´s Place and she had boatloads of fun, terrifying me with the Movie and then, sending me to Bed alone in a dark locked Room afterwards. Oh yeah, Fun Times with me Meema. Well, and in a way I feel like SIGNS could be similarly terrifying for later Generations of Kids as some old trashy classic from the Past. Just like I appreciate INVADERS FROM MARS as an old classic and though it doesn´t really stand up against modern Movies, it is still really fun to watch at a very Lobotomical (is that even a Word?) Level.

It´s badbut it´s actually good! Need Reasons? Because, Aliens!


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