Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D Michael Bay

Well, the new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Reboot is exactly what you would expect from a TURTLES Movie that involves Michael Bay. A fun light-headed Action-Comedy with good CGI, funny One-liners and a whole lot of Turtle-Power. Think of it as TRANSFORMERS with mutated Ninja Turtles instead.
In the Movie World, some Things never change. The Storyline for example, is pretty much the same One Story that we´ve already heard in the old TURTLES Movie from 1990 . Well, not completely of course and some minor Characters and Plot-Strings were added, but basically, we still have the Turtles fighting against Shredder and his Foot-Clan in the Streets of New York, followed around by the News-Correspondent April, who is this time, played by Megan Fox.
Her Casting as April resulted in a major Shitstorm in various Message Boards who mostly criticized her so called “Inability to fit in the Movie” and i´m really not sure where i stand on this Point. She´s not really an outstanding Actress but i felt like most of the Heat she´s getting is related to some of her rather poor thought-out Remarks in Interviews, where she compared Michael Bay to Hitler for example. So, I was surprised that she was cast in a Movie that was produced by Michael Bay, because he already gave her a Pass for TRANSFORMERS 3, but it seems the Two have made their Peace with each other.
Alright, the Turtles look kinda creepy with their half-human Mouths but you get used to it and overall, i think the new Look fits better than the Puppets they used in the old Movies. The CGI is very good, but sometimes, it´s just too much. During the Finale, it was like the Speaker in the Theatre would blow my Brains out and since the whole Movie is cut very fast, the Movie can be exhausting at Times.

But it´s certainly Fun, the Shredder´s Armour looks really cool and some of the Scenes and One-liners are genuinely Funny.But don´t be fooledthe Movie is absolutely one-dimensional, lacks interesting Characters as well as Character Development. The Shredder is a very cool Character but actually comes across as some kind of Level Boss in a Computer Game. They could have added so much great Characterisation for the Shredder but instead,he´s only appearing in Martial Arts Scenes that look cool but are so absolutely exchangeable. Eric Sachs plays a Scientist who is somehow working together with the Shredder and i found his Role to be rather confusing because before the Movie was released, Sachs said in an Interview that he would actually play the Shredder in this Movie, what gave me the Impression that they actually changed the Screenplay after his Interview. I guess the Writers were not so happy about him revealing a potential Part of the Plot, so they simply changed his Role. But it seems like some of the Elements of him being Shredder are still present in the Scripts and at Times, Sachs acts like his Role might have originally been the Shredder.

A very central Part of the Movie focuses on April, what i personally didn´t like. The Voice-Over of the Turtles works very well and its safe to say that Leonardo, Michelangelo, Rafael and Donatello really fit their Characterization which we know from the Comics. Generally, the Movie is a little bit darker than the 1990 TURTLES and that´s totally ok. If you ask me, it could have been a whole lot darker than as it is now. Overall, i think the old One was the better Movie. Some of the Writing is not really the cream of the Crop, especially since they left out large Parts of the original Story from the Graphic Novels. In this One, Splinter wasn´t really trained by a Ninja, but acquired his Fighting Skills by learning (like, downloading “Karate 101 Crash-Course-.pdf”), what doesn´t really give me the Impression that they could have learned all that just by reading a Book. But nevermind. The Movie lacks strong Antagonists, because both are actually extremely one-dimensional and are not really capable of producing any emotional Reaction in the Viewer. They are really nothing more than Stage Bosses, waiting for the Turn to be knocked over.
The new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES is a Kids-Movie. If you liked TRANSFORMERS, you will definitely have a great Time. If you didn´t, i would rather recommend you to avoid this One.

TMNT (2014) is an absolutely decent Movie but towards the End, i was losing Interest pretty quickly because it was so overloaded with Special Effects that i felt like watching a 2 Hours Documentary about Explosions and Artillery Fire. But hey, every Man to his Taste!