Review: THE DEVICE (2014)

What is it with these bad Science Fiction Movies recently? THE DEVICE is a Movie about a mysterious Sphere found around a Lake by the two Sisters Abby and Rebecca. And It´s not really explained where it came from, but the Fact that a little Green Man starts haunting the two Sisters after one of them took the Sphere home could be seen as a strong Indication that it came from outer Space. But why male Models?

The whole Movie is boring as hell and the Acting is really horrendous. Not that I dislike cheap Science Fiction but everything is so uninteresting and cold that i felt like in a bad TV Movie on a Saturday morning. I had really high Hopes because of the cool Cover, but the Movie is totally different than what it appeared like. Imagine a Film about a girl having Nightmares of Aliens with Penis-like Fingers that rub her Belly. Oh well, now that i read it, it doesn´t sound so bad but it actually is.

The Sphere looks kinda cool, but you can only enjoy a round ball for a certain Time, and at some Point, it is just getting dull.

There is no real tension or suspense going on and you just sit there, hoping for everything to end soon. Or for maybe a little bit of Horror; but unfortunately that´s actually pretty hopeless. No Gore and absolutely minimal Alien Action to be found and that´s actually all i can write about it. What disappointed me the most was the Rubber Alien that looks like it was found in the trash bin of a 1950s Theatre-Hall. Really, if the Alien Scenes would have been halfway decent, the Movie could have made a totally different Impression but since even those are totally Amateur-like, the Movie is just bad.

The Acting is bad too, but i am pretty sure that some Cast Members would potentially able to play their Roles in a halfway decent way… but i assume that at some Point when turning up on Set, they probably realized that nothing will save that ship from drowning!

Really, don´t mean to bash cheap Sci-Fi Moviesbut the whole Thing is just an Empty Shell with a nice Cover and if you keep in mind that many great Directors produced their first movies for a couple Thousand Bucks, it makes me mad. I don´t know much about the Budget but if it´s more than 100 Bucks then they overpaid.