THE IMINATION GAME brings us back to the early days of the second world war, when the allies were desperately trying to figure out a way to decipher messages that the Germans wrote with their top secret ENIGMA machine. The ENIGMA was a sophisticated device that allowed the German Nazi regime to exchange coded messages with their armies and it was absolutely crucial for the allied secret services to find a way to crack their code.
In order to work out a way to understand the extremely complicated algorithms within the machine, the British secret service MI6 puts together a team of extraordinarily smart mathematicians that are supposed to solve the problem. Benedict Cumberbatch´s depicting of the team´s lead mathematician Alan Turing earned him a nomination for the LEADING ROLE Oscar and was probably one of the strongest performances of his career so far! I really liked him in SHERLOCK but the role of the borderline autistic and complicated character Alan Turing is on a whole other level and in a way, it reminded me about Eddie Redmayne´s part in THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING. Really top notch acting!

Just like THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, THE IMITATION GAME distinguishes itself through a beautiful cinematography, which makes it look like a painting and THE IMITATION GAME is one of my favorite movies of 2014. The soundtrack has a mystic, mathematical touch and is a brilliant addition to the great camera work and cinematography that we are allowed to witness here. Though I am really certain that Cumberbatch will have a hard time winning the Oscar over Redmayne´s brilliant depiction of Stephen Hawking, I feel like THE IMITATION GAME has very good chances for BEST MOVIE this year. Director Morten Tyldom is a Norwegian director that wasn´t really known for any big Hollywood movies yet, what makes it even better that he managed to pull this great movie off. In 2008, I had the luck to write about his VARG VEUM thriller FALNE ENGLER (FALLEN ANGELS) and I instantly fell in love with his style back then and I am kinda happy he managed to make such a great movie. So yeah, really happy about what he did with THE IMITATION GAME and am so looking forward to seeing more of his projects.

Cumberbatch´s female Co-Star is Keira Knightley, who was the only one of the main actors that felt displaced to me. I felt like her role was forced and I just don´t really like her way of acting. But yeah, she´s nominated for BEST ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE someone in the Academy probably liked her. Apart from her, I really liked Charles Dance as the evil scumbag (he´s Tywin in GAME OF THRONES) and Matthew Goode from Watchmen.
The movie kinda takes the element of Turning´s closet homosexuality and uses it to point out the terror of the anti-gay movement during that time and slaps it in our face. I was deeply touched by the ignorance and injustice that homosexuals at that time had to endure and I am glad that the movie didn´t leave that very important part out. I mean, some studios probably would have backed out of a socio-critical theme like this one, but I am happy that the WEINSTEIN Company took the risk to get this done exactly as it is now. THE IMITATION GAME is very emotional and leaves the historical accuracy a bit in the background. And that´s a good thing, because the movie has its strongest moments when it focuses on Turing´s emotional state and gives Alan Turing a dignified remembrance.

Very compelling and moving thriller; from start to finish!