Review: THE MAZE RUNNER (2014)

Review: THE MAZE RUNNER (2014)


Thomas finds himself trapped in a Remote Place with a small Group of Boys that live in some kind of  Resort that lies right beside a huge Maze of Stone. It seems that the Maze is the only Way out and every day, the giant Gates only open for a couple of hours, what gives the Group a chance to look for a Way out. But everyone who misses to Return to their Resort before the Gate closes will face an almost certain Death through some of the evil Creatures they share the Maze with. Before Thomas came, there was no way to get out, but when he accidentally kills one of the Creatures, the Group gets in possession of a Device that is able to open some of the Doors that were closed before. While this gives them new Chances to find a way out their Prison, it also brings in some of the evil Monsters that roam the Maze.

THE MAZE RUNNER is a lot like CUBE. I literally felt like someone tried a Blockbuster-Version of the Classic; with better looking Characters and some fancy Sparkle on top of it.

CUBE spawned a multitude of Movies that were somehow inspired by it and that´s the case with THE MAZE RUNNER too. I mean, it´s a decent Film and some of the Scenes are really good. But overall, the general Concept of the Plot is totally obvious and I wasn´t really surprised when the Ending revealed that there will be more Sequels hitting the Theatres in the next years. The Acting was ok and some of the Characters were sympathetic but stupid. I mean, this is something like a TWILLIGHT Version of CUBE so don´t expect any in-depth Character Development. There are some stereotypical Characters and the whole Plot follows the Hollywood-esque Principles of Triviality. You just don´t care enough about any of the Characters to somehow be interested in the Outcome of this styled up Fast Food from the Movie Discount. It´s like going out with a Girl that´s stunningly beautiful, but that´s mean to the Waiters in your favorite Restaurant. There just aren´t enough interesting Details left to make the Viewer care about the Group of Boys who are somehow trapped in this giant Maze. And apart from that, it feels like one of the Movies that want to add an Ending with the pure Intention of Pissing the Viewers off, you know? The Ending is kinda open and the fact they come up with such a sucker punch ending without actually coming up with an interesting Plot Idea, makes me question if they actually know where their Story is going to lead them. I am always for Directors who create open Storylines but here, i feel like it will end up with a total 3 Parts of Nothingness. It´s not my Intention to bash the Movie because some Elements are really strong and I liked some of the Scenes, but this is another One of these Open End Movies that are made with the Intention to create a Franchise.

The Movie is based on a Novel and i have no Idea if the Script is somehow true to the Original. There were a couple of decent scenes that were probably “inspired” by other Classics and the Characters are totally one-dimensional Stereotypes with names that sound like kitchenware (frypan) and the Actors are not really capable of bringing the Material to life. I felt like the sole Purpose of the Movie was to make money and that´s usually not a good Sign. There was no strong Villain that could somehow pose a serious Threat to the Boys and the weird Monsters didn´t really look that Scary to me either.

It´s the same Type of sucked out Plot that was already shown in THE HUNGER GAMES, CUBE and other superior Works and the fact that most Scenes are so foreseeable pissed me off so badly that it spoiled the Movie for me. And it´s the type of Stuff that makes me Question why Screenplays like that keep getting greenlit in Hollywood. Not because it is so bad… But because it´s so unoriginal and boring. Everyone with a one half of a functioning Brain will be able to guess what is going to happen. And There are so many original Screenplays out there and the Fact that this is the type of Stuff that hits the Theatres makes you Question the whole decision making Procedure in Hollywood.

Nevermind, the Movie comes up with a diverse Mixture of Clichees and Well known Situations that it somehow manages to entertain on a very primitive Level. Younger People & Fans of the Series might have some Funand everyone else should probably better save that Money for a Goat and two Chickens.