Review: The Pyramid (2014)

Review: The Pyramid (2014)

The pyramid Review

THE PYRAMID is a film about a team of archeologists that discover a new pyramid, which is of significant archeological importance. Because of the legal situation in Egypt, it seems like they will be forced to stop working the site, so they decide to have a sneak peak inside. But when their very expensive examination robot is attacked by an unknown little critter, they make the only logical decision a stupid TV character can make in this situation: They go in and look for themselves so, you know, they can be attacked too. And they take a TV camera with them to make sure that everything they discover is filmed, so in a way, THE PYRAMID is a FOUND FOOTAGE film and surprisingly, it´s not as crappy as it looks.

In a way, THE PYRAMID is a mix between the terrific instant classic THE DESCENT and CLOVERFIELD. You follow the Archeologists through this huge mysterious pyramid and on their way, they encounter strange, hostile creatures that look very cool. They are very similar to the Egyptian cats, which in my opinion, already look scary just by themselves. And the CGI are great for the small budget that this was made with and despite the fact that everything get´s a little messy and overly fantastic near the end, I really enjoyed the movie and can wholeheartedly recommend it to you!

The director, Grégory Levasseur, already has a couple of horror films on his sleeve. Besides the mediocre but interesting reboot of THE HILLS HAVE EYES, he also directed the surprisingly good P2 and THE PYRAMID is not a bad flick either. Overall, it´s not a masterpiece but was highly entertaining and compared to all the horrific (the bad kind of horrific) FOUND FOOTAGE crap that we had to endure in the past couple of years, it´s definitely one of the best I´ve seen in a while. However, I am pretty sure this movie would have been better if they´d just used a conventional style without the shaky and cheapish looking camcorder optics.
I guess it´s pretty safe to say that this movie won´t get a very wide release and though I don´t want to argue that it´s some kind of cinematic masterpiece, I really enjoyed it and can imagine this movie having a pretty good run at a couple of Horror Festivals.

It’s rated “R” for violence & bloody images and comes with a handful of decent splatter effects. If you judge it as a regular movie, it totally fails but given the fact that there was a huge amount of terrible FOUND FOOTAGE movies lately, and is basically better than most of them, it makes THE PYRAMID look a lot better. The stupidity of the characters was a little bit annoying though and I really don´t know why so many writers just don´t manage to give their characters at least half a brain to not act like they´d totally deserve a Darwin Award. But yeah, that´s more of a general problem that almost all of the horror films from the past 20 years have in common.

So yeah, funny little horror flick that you probably shouldn´t watch if you need a compelling and demanding storyline but which can be fun if you turn off a large part of your brain.