Review: THE RAID: Berandal (2014)

Review: THE RAID: Berandal (2014)

The Raid 2 Berandal Review

The Plot takes place two Hours after the first Part. RAMA goes undercover in order to clean up the local Police Force once and for all. After being put in a Prison, he gets in Touch with the local Mob Bosses and is able to work his Way up in the Syndicate. But it doesn´t take long until they are on his Trail and force him to fight for his Life once again. And the Mob isn´t the only Force that is trying to take Rama down.

WOW! This Movie made me literally say “*UCK” a couple of Times. The Action in this Indonesian and American Co-Production is absolutely Top Notch! And it goes way beyond a regular Martial Arts Movie… is a Tour De Force that doesn´t have to hide of other Great Heroic Bloodshed Movies from Legends like John Woo! While watching THE RAID 2, i felt almost as if i´d look A BETTER TOMORROW or THE KILLER. The Fighting Styles are absolutely superb, though I have no Idea what Styles they use in the Movie.  But i guess You don´t need to be a Martial Arts Expert to have Fun with this. Apart from the Fighting, the Movie has some more strong Elements like the energeticly Pumping Soundtrack, the really solid Acting and the outstanding Sound Effects. You know, there are Scenes when One Guy gets beaten up with a Baseball Bat where you feel like “NO WAY THIS WASN´T REAL” and there are dozens of different gut wrenching Sound effects. You can literally feel it when someone takes a hard Hit or smashes his Face on the concrete!

I wasn´t expecting such a strong Sequel though I already liked the first Part, but Gareth Evans Syndicate-Banger is one Hell of a Sequel. I SO can´t wait for the third Part of this Franchise, which has already been announced! Part 3 is going to start about 2 hours before this Second Part finishes and I´m really excited to see what Evans comes up with next!

The Kitchen Fight Scene is one of the best choreographed Scenes I´ve seen in a very long Time and it took about 8 Days to film and many weeks of Preparation to shoot everything! And you can see every little Detail and Love that Director Evans put into it!

The Fight Scenes look totally authentic; and since the director had his Actors run real Punches, I can imagine they took quite a few for the Team during the Shoot. Even the Stunts with the Cars and other Vehicles look absolutely real and overall, this is one of my absolute Favorite Action Movies in the past Years.  Haven´t seen many Indonesian Movies yet, but since it´s actually the first Indonesian Movie ever to enter the IMDB Top 250, it is a great Success!

The Makeup and the Blood-Effects look extremely realistic and they took great Effort into creating Effects as close to Reality as possible. Of course, there are many Scenes that are a bit exaggerated, but a whole lot of it looks shockingly real! The Actors were prepared for Months and Iko Uwais has been doing Martial Arts since he was a kid. And that´s just one of the Things that make THE RAID: BERANDAL an extremely cool Movie.