THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING is a Biopic about the physicist Stephen Hawking and his personal life. If you are not aware who Stephen Hawking is: He is the extremely bright Physicist whose Book A SHORT HISTORY OF TIME has sold more than 10 million copies. Hawking´s life was difficult to begin with. Very early on, he was diagnosed with the terrible disease ALS and not long after, could only talk by the help of a voice computer. And this movie tells us more about the man behind the name “Stephen Hawking” and it´s actually a great surprise, because you wouldnt necessarily expect such a beautiful picture. THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING is a great movie with some of the best acting I´ve seen in a while! In fact, I would be extremely surprised if Eddie Redmayne wouldn’t win the Oscar in the Leading Actor category this year. His portrayal of Hawking is extraordinarily great and I am still amazed how similar he looked and acted to the original Stephen Hawking. But not only Redmayne but Felicity Jones as his wife Jane Hawking played a brilliant part and I am really looking forward to see her in the upcoming STAR WARS Stand-alone movie.

There is hardly anything bad that I can say about this movie and all the positivity in this review can only be described as disgusting! However, it is well deserved so I can´t help it. The cinematography is beautiful and the soundtrack is (by far) one of the best soundtracks in 2014. I felt reminded about A BEAUTIFUL MIND but I honestly liked THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING a lot more. James Marsh’s Direction is compelling and very touching. After the film, my girlfriend was extremely emotional, though she´s usually not the type of person who is starting to cry over a movie. My feelings on the other hand can only be described as “boatloads of respect for this dude and all the girlfriend´s that he had in his life”, despite…you know…the wheelchair and stuff. Thinking about it, he makes me look pretty bad but I´d rather not engross this topic any further and use the time to congratulate Stephen Hawking for making the absolute best of the cards his life has handed to him.
Everything is beautifully filmed with the perfection of a Van Gogh painting and there are so many nice little details that you probably have to watch it a few times to see them all.

From all the biopics I have seen in the past, this was probably one of the best and Eddie Redmayne´s acting plays had a huge part in that. No matter at what point in Stephen Hawking´s Life, Redmayne managed to get a really good grip on this difficult role. But also Felicity Jones as Jane Hawking, whose Book Travelling to Infinity: My life with Stephen was the basis for this film, was really fabulous. She brings great emotional depth into the role and is one of the secret stars in THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING. All that and the similarly great performance of the rest of the cast makes THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING a real winner in my book.

Jóhann Jóhannsson´s Score is absolutely amazing and is in my eyes, one of the candidates for this year´s Oscars. Overall, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING is nominated in five categories at this years Oscars: Best Picture, Best Actor for Eddie Redmayne, Best Actress for Felicity Jones, Best Adapted Screenplay for McCarten, and Best Original Score for Jóhann Jóhannsson. And I wouldn´t be surprised if it would win in at least one or two of them.

The bottom line is that THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING is a great biopic with a very strong Eddie Redmayne in a challenging and highly demanding role, that leaves him with great chances to win him an Oscar.