Review: The Women in Black (2012)

Hi Guys, I am literally snowed in right now and my girlfriend preplanned so many paralel recordings on our tevo that I can either watch one of her Wedding Shows or, get something done. So, in a desperate attempt to get anything done that remotely resembles work, I gave a movie a trial that I´ve been wanting to watch since a few months. THE WOMEN IN BLACK. The second part of this Hammer Spookhouse flick was just released and I wanted to find out why everybody makes such a big fuss about it. Well, it probably didn´t have anything to do with the quality of the movie, though it was kinda alright. Did I mention that there´s snow everywhere outside my window?? Well, in case you don´t believe, I snapped a picture.


Yeah, I know. I exaggerated a bit. Now back to THE WOMEN IN BLACK. There is absolutely nothing new about the story. The film comes from the legendary Hammer Studio´s (you know, dat Dracula) and is an eerie ghosthouse film about a woman who lost her child, and takes revenge by killing off the children of the town. Daniel Radcliffe takes the lead and director James Watkins is the Guy who made one of the most disturbing films I ever sawEDEN LAKE. Actually, it´s number two right behind MARTYRS. So, the man can direct and the scary scenes are legitimately scary; but everything we see was already shown in hundreds of other ghost movies. Compared to INSIDIOUS, which I saw a couple of weeks ago, THE WOMEN IN BLACK can only lose. The movie is decent but the fact that it shows nothing we haven´t seen countless times before makes this movie mass merchandise. The Scenery is beautiful and reminds me of old hammer movies like The Hound of the Baskervilles and I totally liked the set design. Nonetheless, it´s a movie that is packed with movie clichés and I have trouble feeling the real terror. Everything looks far away in a place out of time and the sheer amount of Spookhouse kitsch sucks out every little drop of realism for me.

With a Soundtrack from Marco Beltrami and cinematography by Tim Maurice-Jones, everything is technically on a very high level and there are very few things I can mock about that. The eponymous WOMEN IN BLACK looks really scary and some of the shock effects are really good.
It´s an old fashioned horror story and from time to time, this is a great thing to watch. Personally, I was kinda disappointed because I expected Hammer to reinvent themselves and kick-start their old dusted franchise, but seems it was too far fetched that i expected them to jump on that nu-horror train and produce something really disturbing. Hammer in 2012 is what it was back in the 50s and somehow I feel like that won´t be enough to survive in our present time. It takes more than a man with rubber teeth and a cape to lure us spoiled brats into the cinema.

Well, THE WOMEN IN BLACK is Gothic Horror and a decent thriller. The Visuals are stunning, but I haven´t seen anything that was new or really innovative. It was good, but I don´t really get why everyone seems to lose his “shiz” over this.