Review: True Detective (2014)

HBO opened their Treasure Chest again and spit out another Classic TV Show with the potential to become a Long Time Runner. With all the great Shows that HBO has produced in the past years, it´s gotten to the point that TV Miniseries and TV-Movies become more and more important and TRUE DETECTIVE is one more Masterpiece in the Puzzle.

The Series is about two very different Cops that have to solve a series of Sexual Murders with occult Background. The Murder Victims are usually little Girls that were found dead in the woods after being terribly tortured and raped.
Matthew McConaughey plays Detective Rust Cole, who became mentally unstable after losing his little Daughter during an unfortunate Car Accident and Woody Harrelson plays Detective Marty Hart, who is struggling to keep his Marriage together while having a soft Spot for sexual Affairs with Crazy Women. But don´t be fooled by Matthews unstability…his Role is not crazy but extremely smart, bitter, pessimistic, humorous and distorted. Finally, a show with a multi-dimensional Character that you cannot really describe with “Good” or “Bad”. Rust´s Character is neither of that and at the same time, Both.

Now, whilst the general Concept of this Mad Cop/Good Cop Plot isn´t actually new, TRUE DETECTIVE manages to combine extremely interesting Characters with a very unique, almost mystical Atmosphere. The Show is extremely dark and Matthew´s Character leaves you with so many interesting and insightful Dialogues that you spend most of the Run-Time being captivated by the Chemistry between the two Detectives.
The Quality of the Shows writing is extremely good and peaked around the first Half of the Season! Towards the End, i felt like the Writing lost a bit of it´s steam. Though the TRUE DETECTIVE Finale absolutely delivered, i felt like the two brilliant Actors would have deserved a better written Ending. But again, the Finale was absolutely ok but it just felt more like a normal Episode to me instead of a Season Finale. But still, TRUE DETECTIVE is probably one of the if not THE best Things that HBO produced in the past Years.


The Soundtrack was nothing but awesome and using “FAR FROM ANY ROAD” by THE HANDSOME FAMILY as a Title Track was a perfect Choice. Though it sounded different, it reminded me a bit about the Song from THE WIRE and i totally loved the dark and mystical opening Credits. Overall, the cinematography and Camera Work was absolutely terrific and some of the Scenes in the southern Swamps look simply picturesque! I guess the Vibe of the Show reminded me of Nick Cave´s Music, especially WHERE THE WILD ROSES GROW.
The Acting is absolutely a class of it´s own. Really, the performance of the lead Actors is among the best Acting i´ve ever seen in a Show. Especially Matthew McConaughey, whose performance is in my Top 5 of best performances i´ve ever seen in a TV Show.  But Woody was great too and with his Role in TRUE DETECTIVE, he has earned a whole lot of my Respect.

The Pre-Production for the second Season has already started and though Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson won´t come back to reprise their Roles, they will stay on TRUE DETECTIVE as Executive Producers.

Today, Colin Farrell was confirmed as the first Lead Actor in the new Season, which is about to take Place in California this Time. I guess it´s pretty safe to say that there will be another Detective and there´s a whole lot of speculation about who is going to get the Part. I heard Rumors about Jessica Biel, Brad Pit, and a bunch of other Names. Possible they will decide for a female Partner this Time but that´s rather a wild Guess than anything confirmed.

So yeah, TRUE DETECTIVE is One of the most original and unique Shows i´ve seen in a long Time!

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