Review: WER (2013)

Review: WER (2013)

WER Review Werwolf The Legend Reborn

After watching the Werwolf Movie WER today, I couldn´t help but going online to write the Review as soon as possible because i wanted to share my Opinion with the Rest of You Guys. I totally loved the Film and was greatly surprised about the technical Quality of some of the Effects in the Movie.
But first things first. The Plot is about this huge hairy Dude, that was taken into Custody after a Series of grisly Murders because they suspect him of being batshit crazy and randomly killing people by ripping them apart. While his Lawyer and her Specialists Team are absolutely certain of his Innocence, the Police keeps him in a High Surveillance Facility in order to prevent him from Werwolfing around. By pointing out the Fact that a human Being  wouldn´t be strong enough to cause such terrible Wounds, she is able to get him free againand that wasn´t really a great Choice.

Yes, this Movie was a great Surprise. I usually loathe most Werwolf Movies because the Genre is Dead and most are simply not scary, but this One is a lot better than it originally appeared. The Gore Effects are extraordinarily good and what´s even more important, handmade! So no Computer Generated Blood like in the second Part of 300 for example.

A few of the Splatter Scenes were so good that you could mistake them for real Violence. And I´ve seen quite some sick Shit. The Number of bloody Scenes is not really huge but the Ones that you see are really well made. The Werwolf Animations and Transformations are great too if you think about the minimal Budget the Director had to pull this through. There are a couple of Scenes when the Guy jumps from the Roof and lands on the Ground, which looks absolutely realistic. Of course, there are better Movies but those Movies usually cost a whole lot more than this One.
The Acting is absolutely solid and i can´t believe that the Movie didn´t get more Praise from Critics.

It´s some kind of a Direct-to-Video Release and the Cheap Look of the Movie makes it look a lot worse than the Movie is. I know that this is a Budget-Issue but if WER would have been shot on better Material, it would be an awesome Movie.  However, that is not really a Problem and the Fact that the Movie is so entertaining makes you happily forgive that.
But here is what really bothers me: THE CAMERAWORK IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! Really, the Quality of the Camerawork is indescribable. Some Scenes are so shaky that you feel uncomfortable and get seasick because of the constant ups and downs. I can´t remember ever seeing a Movie that on the one Hand could come up with such professional CGI and a good Direction, but manages to fuck up so badly with the Camerawork. That´s a total Novum, really!

The Movie WER starts off very strongly and despite the Fact that it loses some Traction towards the Finale, the overall Impression is still good! Really, how it is possible that this Movie didn´t get more positive PR is beyond me! There are very good Scares, Blood and Guts, very good Directing with a constantly raising Arc of Suspense and some pretty decent Characters and Actors as well. The Effects are not Hollywood-Standard but are totally strong and do their Job. I really haven´t seen so many good Werwolf-Movies lately and I think that WER is one of the best Werwolf-Films in the past 20 years!

So yeah, Great Work Director William Brent Bell! Now get yourself a better Cameraman! 🙂