THE DEVIL´S HAND or WHERE THE DEVIL HIDES is a Movie about the Evil that People do in the Name of the Lord. A religious Cult lives totally isolated from the rest of the People nearby and only accepts its own Laws. They  have some kind of spiritual Ruler who makes sure that no one gives in to one of the many Temptations that people have a weak spot for and one of his most important Duties is having the girls undress on a regular basis to check them for Signs of the Drommelkind. The Drommelkind is basically just another Word for the Reincarnation of the Devil and when some of the Girls in the Cult suddenly go missing, it begs the Question who´s the real Villain here.

Well, WHERE THE DEVIL HIDES wasn´t bad. When I actually saw the crappy opening Credits, I really expected the worst and was luckily surprised with a halfway decent Movie about the Hypocrisy of Religions, paired with a little bit of Occult Horror. You could call the Movie a Mix between SCREAM and THE OMEN; and god knows there are truly worse things that you can say about a Movie.

The Acting is OK, but there are one or two Actors that are really really bad. Surprisingly, Jennifer Carpenter, who is known for playing Dexters Sister Debra Morgan in the Series DEXTER (and who was his real-life Wife btw), was in this Low Budget Movie too. After THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE and QUARANTINE, I guess she has taken a Fancy to the Horror Genre. I cannot say I was not really impressed with her Acting but her Role in WHERE THE DEVIL HIDES was rather short. The Other more known Actor who has a Role here is Colm Meaney from STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE and I really liked his Performance. He played the Role very over the Top, but not in a bad Way and i felt like he was a strong Antagonist.

Apart from this, the Movie is a bit chaotic, too dark (like in “I´m not seeing shit”) and doesn´t have  enough Horror to really entertain the core Audience that would buy a Movie like that. There are many similarities to SCREAM, but without Its strong Screenplay; so the Script just flows in front of you without being able to really thrill or entertain. There is a bit of Violence and very little Nudity but overall, it´s a typical PG-13 Horror Movie and when I say that, I usually don´t mean that as a Compliment.

THE DEVILS HAND tries to be surprising, but it was pretty obvious to me what was going to happen at the Ending. But maybe I´ve just seen so many Movies now that I´ve come full circle. Who knows.

One good Thing about the Movie (and the Script)  is that it points out some of the Hypocrisy that go hand in hand with Religions, but that doesn´t really sound like a great Theme for a Horror Movie that i would be interested in. I had totally different Expectations from the Cover and I feel like it´s one of the Movies that fails trying to perform a Balance Act between having a moral of the Story (in this Case, subliminally criticizing some of the Aspects of the Amish Lifestyle) and being Scary or entertaining. The Movie is not bad and there were  some decent Scenes but overall, it´s one of the Movies that is not scary enough for the Core Audience. In This Case, Me!

The Movie was rebranded and the new Title is THE DEVIL´S HAND. Why you would do something like that at such a late Time is beyond me. Maybe the Producers realized that people were expecting a totally different Movie under the Title WHERE THE DEVIL HIDES but compared to the new Title, i feel like the old One was a whole lot Better!