Review: WHIPLASH (2014)

Review: WHIPLASH (2014)


WHIPLASH is a really good movie about an aspiring drummer that suffers from his psychotic coach. The coach is wonderfully played by JK simmons, who received the Oscar in the BEST SUPPORTING ROLE category for his genius performance. And to me, JK Simmons was the actual star of this movie. His rants and outburts reminded me a bit about the drill instructor in Kubrick´s FULL METAL JACKET and overshine everything else, though there are many more noteworthy things to be seen.
Personally, I am not really a fan of music movies but this one was actually really good.
Miles Teller plays the leading role and fits perfectly into the role of the ambitious Drummer who wants to take his game to another level and is a great addition to JK Simmons. Besides, the editing is pretty much flawless and the Oscar in this category was absolutely justified as well.

For the relatively low Budget of 3 million Dollars, WHIPLASH was already a great success. So I am pretty sure this movie will turn out to be some kind of Independant Hit and is a great reminder that a.) movies doesnt need to have a gigantic budget to be any good and b.) films about musicians don´t have to be silly. Towards the end, everything get´s a little bit too much for my taste but that´s totally ok and I still enjoyed watching it. Overall, WHIPLASH is one of the lowest grossing movies that was ever nominated for an Oscar, and for good Reason!

The music is great and I don´t remember a movie that included the drums in a similarly entertaining way as WHIPLASH. Besides, there are a couple of quotes from the movie that are pure gold. Don´t want to spoil too much but there is a scene where JK Simmons complains about the difference between “Rushing or Dragging” that probably earned him the Oscar.  Again, don´t want to spoil but watch for the phrase “NOT MY TEMPO”, lol.

Well, for a while it looked like WHIPLASH wouldn´t be made because director Damien Chazelle wasn´t able to find enough investors to fund his project. That´s why he made a short film for Sundance that totally rocked the festival and which basically lead to him getting the money he needed to get this project done. And we can consider ourselves happy about that because WHIPLASH turned out to be such a great movie with great performances of everyone involved, included director Damien Chazelle.

I really had zero expectations when going into this and it turned out to be one of the best movies of 2014/2015 so far. JK Simmons showed once more why he is a great actor and after his performances in the HBO show OZ and WHIPLASH, I am SO looking forward to seeing him some more in the future.