Terminator : Genisys Official Trailer Analysis

Hi Guys,

the first Trailer and the Poster for the new TERMINATOR : GENISYS are out.

So let´s take a closer Look at what goes on in it:

The Dark and Gritty Filters that were used in TERMINATOR:SALVATION are no longer. The new Terminator looks a whole lot like Terminator 3 and i can´t say that i am particularly happy about that.

Christian Bale is not in it, what i think is a terrible Mistake. If i remember right, there were two more TERMINATOR Movies planned with Christian Bale as John Connor and i was really looking forward to that. The third TERMINATOR Movie with Arnold was terrible and i have my Doubts that TERMINATOR : GENISYS will be a whole lot better than the last One Arnold was in. But let´s give this Movie a chance.

The Start will be in 2015 and there seem to be two Arnolds walking around in it. An older Version of the Terminator and a younger One that looks more like the T-800 from TERMINATOR : SALVATION.

Everything looks VERY PG and if the Rumors that are going around atm are true, the Movie will actually be PG. If the Movie is great, this shouldn´t be a problem but i have very bad Experiences with PG Sequels to R-Rated Action Movies. So let´s hope they don´t PG the Life out of it. Couldn´t really see any Violence in the Trailer though.

The Trailer starts with a shot from the Future showing some Hunter Killers flying around in the Sky. The Scenes from the Future look very good and for me they were the best Part of the Trailer.

Jason Clarke replaces Christian Bale as John Connor. Last Time i saw him was in DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES and he was good. But he always reminds me of Chandler from FRIENDS so not really sure if he can pull off JOHN CONOR.

A lot of the Scenes show the War in the Future and most Scenes look pretty good. Again, that´s the Part i liked about the Trailer. However, i really liked the dark Look from the fourth Installment of the Series so i hope the Movie isn´t too bright and flashy. There are Scenes of a Bus that flies through the Air after it had an Accident and it was very over the Top.

There is a cool new Terminator that looks a bit like the Police Robot from ROBOCOP. You know, the One with the malfunction that walks around and shoots the Guy to Pieces.

The Movie also features another T-800, that is played by Aaron V. Williamson and Jai Courtney takes over the Role of Kyle Reese. He was in the latest DIE HARD Movie and played Bruce Willis and his Acting wasn´t particularly good. But maybe he will be better in here.

Some Scenes seem to take place during the Time of TERMINATOR 1 and you see the Opening Scene where Kyle is in the Supermarket looking for Clothes. But the Scenes look different, so i assume Syknet was able to send someone back to that very same day in order to kill John or his Mother. From what you see, it could be that Sarah Conner comes back in Time in order to save Kyle Reese, who is about to get his Ass kicked by a T1000. So yeah, maybe she wants to change Kyles sad Fate from Part 1 by keeping him alive.

The Movie seems to be under heavy Fire throughout the Internet and i really don´t want to join that Bashing-Chorus before i even the Movie. Some of the Effects look Amazing and chances are it will be a very good Movie. The Poster is absolutely awesome, though it´s not sure if that will be the Main Poster. My Gut Feelings aren´t good but i would SO love if TERMINATOR : GENISYS will be able to Surprise me in a Positive Way! Let´s all Hope the Best!



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