The ridiculous Life of a Movie-Blogger

Hi Guys,
I am a Blogger and my name is Patrick! Maybe you already know some of my Articles that I’ve posted on this site within the past few months but in case you did not, here is a short introduction to give you an understanding about my life and what I do. Basically, I’ve been a writer for almost all my life. I am of German descent and my English still sounds kinda funny, so don’t be surprised if some of my reviews are not entirely correct. Like, grammatically. I am trying as good as I can to write the best English possible, but sometimes, a few mistakes might slip through and I guess you could say that´s my style. Yeah right, my style is ignorance and I embrace it as a friend. That´s life and shit happens.
If I´d have to describe myself, I´d say that I am as close to being retarded as you can be without actually being retarded. But I love movies and I love sharing this enthusiasm with my readers. Despite being a nutjob, I´ve been a freelance writer for a couple of mags and I write in German and in English.
I  wrote about all kinds of things but first and foremost, I´ve been reviewing movies since I was 18. Back then, there was no Internet and I had to send my Articles through the Post to the Magazines they would be released in. And most of the time, this would work perfectly. And yeah, somehow, one thing happened after the other and I became involved in the film review scene. First the German, then the International.

But apart from writing reviews, I am writing about personal things too. Because sometimes, I feel like the sh*t I have to put up with is like, epic, So I just have to share it with you Guys. Because, I am pretty sure some people would imagine the life of a writer to be a living dream. Like, Hemmingway lifestyle with smoking and whiskey and lots and lots of hot chicks. Well, I can tell you now, it totally isn’t. Most writers end poor and most of the time, you deal with d*ckbutts that don’t give a damn about anything you do or what you want.
Let me tell you a secret: That´s life and it´s full of d*cks. Simple as that. The more and more I write and am socializing through my twitter, Reddit and facebook Accounts, I feel like humanity is nothing but a gang of circlejerks trying to beat each other down and I am like stuck in the middle of it. But yeah, that´s the life I chose so yeah, here I come.

I love Horror films and when I started with all this “writing” thing, I would do freelance work whenever I could score a writing gig. So yeah, there were some months when I had like 5 articles inside the same Mag and some others when I had none. But yeah, I always kept on writing and I never did it for the money so it didn’t bother me that I wouldn´t earn anything with the work that I put in it. Because, you know, I simply loved writing. And Girls love when you are a writer and that alone was all the fame I needed. Ha Ha, life was really simple back then.

As I already said; I am originally German and wrote for many german Magazines and fanzines until I got to the point where I decided that I want to put all my energy and creativity into my own projects instead of being a freelance writer for others. Because that would give me total creative control over what I can write and what not. I got into the whole website creation thing and taught me how to use WordPress and started building websites. And that kinda opened me so many possibilities to write and to be the one who decides what I want to write or not.
You know, when I was a freelance writer, I sometimes had to write stuff that I totally hated. Like reviews about Z-movies or Advertising for a bad movie that I actually wanted to tear apart but couldn´t. And the more I wrote, the more difficult it got to write a good review about something I frigging hated. So I quit and started this website and another One called, which is written in German. And from now on, I swore to myself that I would only write the stuff that I truly believed in and though I can´t say it was wise in regard to the business side, it was exactly what I wanted to do. So yeah beautiful World, here I am. I am putting myself out there and though I am terrified every time I hit “submit” and post something on a website like Reddit and though I usually get to the point when I rage so hard over some kind of Troll posting that I want to vomit “alien blood acid” on my computer, I will face the storm and share my experiences with you! So consider this a case study of being a movie blogger!

Now about the stuff that I write. Well, from all the things I want to say, this is the most important one. I will do one thing and one thing only: Write HONEST reviews. And if you ever came across a super great review of a crappy movie and wondered what went on in the head of this reviewer to give BUTTFIRE 3 this super rating on the review websites, you will hopefully appreciate that, because that´s something that isn´t natural anymore. So yeah, I will write my honest opinion about a movie, even when it means that people on social media will literally rip me apart for having an unpopular opinion.

So yeah, let´s give this a try and see where it goes. You can follow me on Twitter @godoffilm and I will be writing my articles on and