There were some great Trailers released this week!

Hey Guys!

This week, there were a lot of cool trailers released, including the first full lenght trailer of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII! And it looks simply amazing. The whole style looks so much like in the old STAR WARS days and every scene from the trailer looked great. The music, the colors, the actors, everything is perfect.

In addition, there was the first full Trailer of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and it looked amazing. A few things that I felt noteworthy about it! Ben Affleck´s BATMAN looks like a silvernack Gorilla. He is super muscular and it´s almost too much already. But I like the style of the trailer and the little Question mark in one of the scenes might mean that the Riddler will be back for this one.

And yesterday, Fox posted the new Trailer of their Reboot of FANTASTIC FOUR. And I am really happy that their Marketing department decided to get rid of the stupid name FANT4STIC. The trailer looks alright but at this point, it´s really hard to say how the movie will be. This could be total shit or really great and I have gut feeling on it. Well, maybe a little gut feeling telling me it will be crap but that´s just my first impression and I hope I am wrong about that.